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Precognition: unexpected and spontaneous

The precognition is the aptitude to know, by means of a foreboding, different facts that will happen in a future, which can be distant or nearby.

To this phenomenon the different paranormal capacities collaborate since it is said that the precognition is an involuntary experience, what it implies that it happens in an unexpected and spontaneous way. Inside the precognition we can differentiate three different ways in which this phenomenon is evident, one of them is across visions or images that appear in our mind, which in general they fulfill with the characteristic together of not possessing any color, simply turn out to be black and white. Basically the visions of the precognition are something like premonitions that arise in a person on having perceived some type of psychic energy, be already for contacting some object or persons who are loaded precisely with this energy, although also these visions can be a cause of energy traces interspersed by the air. The second way in which a precognition is evident is by means of sounds, which can be from shrieks or desperate screams, although it is important to emphasize that in this case, the precognition appears moments before the event happens.

precognition - imageThe third declaration is across sensations or forebodings, and in this case the intuition has a lot to do. This is one of the most common declarations, since almost the whole world experiences them. Often it is possible that nothing happens, but it is important that the forebodings take as notices before to the events. On the other hand we want to point out that when the precognition is evident across a voice also it can be interpreted as the notice of a spirit, and in this case not estríamos speaking about a precognition but rather one treats the meduimnidad as a tendency. In case of the visions, most of the times appear in sleep, or also in images in the head that have not been a product of our thoughts.

Now then, for many people the fact of having the skill of the precognition represents something that goes many other over the senses, which origin is divine; basically it takes as a God's gift, which grants this power to certain persons, in order to whom they use it for the good. The cases that demonstrate the skill for the precognition are really great and we are not speaking only about the paranormal ambience, since across the history many cases have been known. Nevertheless, the difficulty in the study of the precognition takes root in that to the being a phenomenon that happens spontaneously is very difficult to determine by means of scientific studies the causes for which certain persons possess this skill. Now then, if we analyze carefully this phenomenon, we will be able to come to the conclusion that the fact that an event could be predicted by details, it indicates us that the destination is the reality. Nevertheless although this is what suggests the precognition as paranormal phenomenon it is not the only explanation that exists since if we bear in mind that the vision of a fact that will happen in a future is simply a possibility on which it will depend our decisions, then here the raised difference is where we will be able to realize.

Prediction and precognition

precognition - templateMany people wonder if the prediction has something to do with the precognition, and basically we might say that in certain point if. We say this because we must bear in mind that the predictions have an a little more mystical and spiritual dye, and often it is related to the religion, while the precognition is considered to be a paranormal phenomenon. The prediction is considered to be a miracle since one believes that it is a God's exclusive interview and therefore, in contrast to the precognition, it is a divine revelation.

But the definitions of precognition and prediction are similar since if we define the last one, we can say that it is a question of a prediction about a future event, which origin cannot decide because it depends purely and exclusively of the nature that produces it. On the other hand, the prediction acquires the prediction character once the event has happened, while the precognition is considered to be as such earlier and after it. Anyhow it is important to emphasize that both skills are not take very seriously by most of the people, although many historical predictions have been fulfilled such which they predicted them (it is the case of many of the predictions of Nostradamus) still there exist skeptics who do not believe in them and simply they take them as chance facts. For his part, the precognition is a little more accepted in the society, but anyhow there exist many people who questions this skill.

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