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What is the possession?

To answer to the question: What is the possession? we say that this phenomenon refers to the appropriation of the mind, the body and the soul of a person by an external force that can usually be perceived as a demon, a deity or a spirit as the case.

Generally the possession is very problematic and it is admitted as such from the antiquity where frequently, there has been the culprit of many conceivable problems that are related to the luck, the wealth, the love and especially the mental balance. Many types of possessions exist, as well we have said, and all of them are involuntary; in some cases it is possible to go so far as to produce a possession of direct voice and also of canalization and in both cases one treats as the possession of spiritual storm, that is to say, that they are not inside the person permanently but they enter she occasionally.

Most of the possessions tend to be involuntary but many religions exist and tribes where there are used very much the spiritualistic rituals and the same persons who take part of them are who invite to the spirits to inhabit his bodies. possession - ritualWith the exception of a possible possession of the holy spirit, the church believes that the rest of the possessions is works of Satan and in fact, the theologians of the Middle Ages dedicated many years of his lives to investigating these facts. Basically the possession does that the victim begins to behave in a strange, often violent way, especially with herself, and they show his resignation to God and to the divine faith.

The only form that has been implemented until now to manage to expel the spirits and demons of inside from body of a person is by means of the ritual of the exorcism, a practice that up to today keeps on being recognized and realized when the cases deserve it. There exist many societies in whom, the possession of a body believes that it is something that every day sees, also in them different types of possession exist; and in many cases it can imply from a simple inconvenience up to extreme cases like the one that we have just mentioned. A clear example so that we could understand this is that of the women convinced of that his problems without cause for the intervention of a malignant spirit although this is not like that. In this case we must say that this turns out to be very dangerous since the autosuggestion represents an open portal so that the spirits could take possession of the body.

Types of possession

On the other hand we can say that most of the possessions that are seen at present are usually because of “contagions“ on the part of confused persons spirits that recently they have died, and before the ignorance of his situation, they try to take possession desperately of a body. In these cases the spirits can leave voluntarily in case a professional informs him about his situation by means of a hypnosis meeting with the victim; but also the case can happen of that the possession is on the part of a spirit that he wants to communicate. When we say what the possession is also we specify the symptoms; the common ones usually strong headaches, sickness, vomiting, disorders in the sleep, endure poltergeist phenomena, temporary madness be or to listen to voices and strange noises.

possession - womanAlso it is very important to stand out the fact that different types of possession exist, often the person can go so far as to be possessed by more than one entity, there even have been known cases in which a person was being inhabited by 89 spirits. At present there exist many cultures in which the communication with the spirits is a completely normal practice, and we must say that this facilitates very much the fact of being able to quarrel when a person suffers from a possession and when not. Now then, it is important to stand out the fact that when a person is crossing for a possession corresponding to the extract of a god, the same one is worth of protection.

This owes to that the fact that a God chooses a person to be evident across her, the same capture the denomination of "chosen" and it must have almost the same respect as the deity. Finally we mean, to answer iíntegramente to the question: "What is the possession?" that other types of possession exist; the most similar counterpart that we place to name of the spirits possession is the catholic tradition of the voluntary possession for the Holy Spirit. That has his origin in the possession experienced by the apósteles of crucifix on the first day Whitsunday. These facts joined many others that it alludes to the direct communion with God were the principal characteristic of the Christianity in the first times that began to practise the religion on itself, since spent the time, the same ones were replaced by practices something more austere.

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