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Stones of the good luck

The stones have magic properties that can help us in different aspects of our lives; in fact, in the religions where the magic is a very common practice, the stones are a luck symbol, and with them there are created lucky charms and symbols that the sorcerers and witches usually use permanently with them.

But on the other hand it is important that we bear in mind that each of us possesses stones of the luck, which decide according to the signs of the zodiac or the name with which they have baptized us. Many people think that the use of the stones of the luck is simply a superstition, but the true thing is that, on having been an important part of the nature, they acquire certain magic properties on the part of the same one, but like everything in the magic, one the same debit to have faith in his power. The stones of the luck are much used in lucky charms and amulets since one believes that the same ones help to calm the anger in addition to reinforcing the control that we all must have inside ours.

In many cases, and which is the stone that we have decided to use, these lucky charms done with stones of the luck diminish the sadness feeling, contributing a feeling of very strong happiness, in addition to which the energy that the same ones radiate helps us to change very much our attitude into the life, it is probable that if we take with us some lucky charm done with stones of the luck, or, we take them like a simple amulet, we will begin to see the life of a positive way. stones - suerte-piedrasOn the other hand, it is important to bear in mind that if we want to possess one of our stones of the luck, the same ones must be a gift of some person who worries for us.

Although we can buy them ourselves in any place, the magic of the stone is activated by a lot of more force if this one is given; this is due to the fact that in the Celtic culture, the poltergeists usually gave him to the druids, different type of stones so that they take them with it like a protection amulet luck, now well, it is important that we stand out the fact that they must be offered by persons who love us, since the same ones cannot have any type of negative load, but, it would produce the opposite effect: instead of giving us good luck, he would contribute that all ours plans are ruined, and in case we use them like protection, then we would be more vulnerable than never. For this reason, if we receive like gift one or more stones of the luck, and we are not sorry that the same ones are delivered by love and devotion, the best thing will be to get rid of them.

Stones of the luck for every sign of the zodiac

stones - suerte-tiposYou conquer many it can turn out to be very difficult to determine which are the stones of the luck that correspond to each of us, and the true thing is that we might answer this question saying that any stone which load should be positive, will help us in many aspects of our life. Anyhow, there exist some stones that make themselves comfortable to the features typical of every person to be able to help them to evolve. For example, if a person is depressive, some stone that raises the fortitude, and that does that this person feels more safe of if the same and much happier, then it will be the stone of the corresponding luck.

Based on this, to every sign of the western zodiac different stones have assumed to him, for example for Aries, the stated stone is the ruby and the emerald; for Taurus, the white coral and also the emerald; the stones of the luck for Gemini are the aquamarine and the crystal; cancer uses the turquoise and the matista; for his part the stones of the luck of Leo are the diamond and the ruby, especially those that are red and yellow; for virginity there are the topaz, the emerald and the tourmaline.

Pound sterling handles with the stones of the luck sapphire, coral and jade; for the Scorpion of the western zodiac, the stones of the luck that must accompany it are the corniola, the ruby and the coral; Sagittarius uses the stones of the luck turquoise, lapis lazuli and the sapphire that can be a purple or blue cobalt; the stones of the luck assigned for Capricorn are the onyx, the black pearls and the amber. Aquarius has like stones to the tourmaline, the cicornio and the turquoise, especially the violet turquoise since it has a lot of more force for a sign as energetic as aquarium; finally the Pececitos of the zodiac must use the amethyst and the aquamarine, which can be navy blue, yellow or brown.

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