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Parapsychology: the study of the paranormal thing

The parapsychology is defined likewise as the science that studies those events where the mind interacts with the ambience if no physical element of for way, using the scientific method.

The above mentioned phenomena are named “Phenomena Psi”, and split into two groups: the phenomena psi kinetic and the phenomena psi cognitive. In the latter case there shut themselves up those events of extrasensory perception, where the person is capable of perceiving knowledge that are usually acquired by means of the organs corresponding to the senses, and that happen in circumstances where the perceptive organ is out of the radio of scope of the above mentioned event.

One of the most common examples is the clairvoyance, which according to the parapsychology is the aptitude to see things that are happening or they will happen; the telepathy is other of the phenomena studied by the parapsychology and other is the precognition. On the other hand, the phenomena psi are not evident for if the same, what implies that they need a handling apara verifying if what is observing by means of the analysis that it realizes the parapsychology really happens. The criteria about the validity that possesses the parapsychology represent a problem since the same one is considered to be previous to the psychoanalysis. The use of the scientific method to realize the investigations of the parapsychology is fundamental but the use of the experimental methodologies is not a synonymous one of his achievement; also it is sufficient so that a discipline possesses a scientific status due to his use. That's why the parapsychology does not stop entering inside the theoretical standards accepted on the part of the natural sciences or the social ones.

History of the parapsychology

parapsychology - parapsicologoGenerally the parapsychology also deals with studying some other phenomena like the spirits appearance, or the skill that many persons have to communicate with them and to "produce" ectoplasm, and in this sense we must emphasize that the first attempts of scientific investigation about the paranormal events began in the year 1882, when it was founded in the city of London the Society, Psychical Research. This investigations society was interested in the anecdotes classification until 50 years later began the first tests if the extrasensory perception really existed or not. The first test work was a study about the clairvoyance and he was carried out across written records that were speaking on the communication with the spirits and also, by means of different tests and test that he was done to several psychics with the hope to be able to confirm the spirits existence.

Later and patrolling the year 1934, in spite of the arduous work that was realized by psychics, I come to the conclusion that it was not possible to find tests that endorse the existence of the spirits therefore the parapsychology began to turn his investigations away with slightly more tangible methods as for example, the letters of Zener, which one treats of a maso of 25 playing cards that possess 5 different symbols.parapsychology - girl

This way they began to explore topics as the clairvoyance where the only thing that there had to do the person who was being evaluated, was to foresee precisely which there were the symbols and colors of every letter, logically, without nobody knowing which it would be the letter that would appear. Bearing in mind some laws of the hazard, only 5 were the correct answers for every 25 attempts, therefore if the evaluated person obtains in a reiterative way a better result, it is possible to come to the conclusion that possesses certain clairvoyance level. As the time was happening, and with the development of new technology, the parapsychology turned a field of investigation much easier to include, and although in these days they still have not managed to obtain concise tests about the existence and veracity of these phenomena is much easier to obtain an indication about the parallel world that surrounds us and that we cannot understand; surprisingly nowadays there are great the persons who incline for the study of the psychic and paranormal phenomena.

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