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Little information about the Ouija

We all know and have listened one day to hundreds of histories of the ouija that usually put the spiky hairs any person but in spite of this, most of the people do not know the origin of this game, and the reasons for which one resorts to this so famous practice of the spiritualism.

Although the exact origin of the ouija is inaccurate, it is possible to be said that the heyday in his use happened in the epoch where the spiritualism was almost a fashion in Occident at the end of the XIXth century; in that one then it was when the famous table was born ouija invented by Elijah Bond, William Mauopin and Charles Kennard. It is said that the name that was given to the table comes from the Frenchman "Oui" and from the German "Ja", two terms that translated mean "if", and one of the popular beliefs is that it named him precisely because during the spiritualistic meetings, when the spirits were contacting the gathered persons, they were giving two blows to give an affirmative answer, saying “if, if”.

The target that possesses this contact method with further away, according to the persons who usually use the board often, is that of contacting to the spirits of deceased persons, in order to rise questions to them be already for themselves, as for example, why they died, that it feels to be dead or which is the loose end that does not allow them to set off, or, it usually use like an oracle luck, although it is important to emphasize that this way of using does not have any type of any credibility since the students of the spiritualism make sure that no spirit has the power to predict the future, with the exception of which the same one him should belong to some God, or some divine being. ouija-woman

The oui-ja uses two fundamental elements, which split into physical elements: the table with the words “if and not”, the ABC and the numbers of 0 to 9, and a glass or staff that will serve so that the spirit could indicate inside which table is his answer; the psychic elements would be the second group, which can be the power of the psychic who is present or the supposed energy that all the participants transmit. On the other hand it is important that we mention that the spirit that is contacted by the participants of the ouija does it across a psychic channel that is usually transmitted by the one who informs the game or for the participants of the same one, anyway it is said that so that the oui-ja should work correctly psychic is always better to bear in mind in case it is necessary to control any strange situation that can happen while the meeting is realized ouija.

To use the Ouija with precaution

Although the oui-ja has been a victim of different types of experiments many years, many psychologists, scientists and especially skeptics put in manifesto that the oui-ja does not establish any type of contact with anything therefore also, this method has been ridiculed across the years. One of the principal reasons by which it is doubted so much on functioning of the ouija is the fact that all the participants must be in permanent contact with the glass or the staff that marks the answers of the contacted entity, since perfectly, the same one might be moved by means of small pressures exercised with the fingers of one or more participants in the game. Although for many persons to play the ouija looks like to them a diversion it is important that we mention the fact that no topic related to the spiritualism must be taken as a game or a diversion.

ouija-spiritsOn the contrary, they deserve very much respect and devotion. In fact many cases of the phenomenon poltergeist and enclosed of possession and bulls paranormal phenomena, they have given themselves after finished a game of the oui-ja, for it it is important that there take all the due precautions and that on all the things always beech a person who is used to handling any situation of this type.

In case the game is carried out, black or red sails must never be used, nor do any type of invocation to dark forces; it is not also correct that by means of the oui-ja ask themselves for desires or there is even tried some charm of red or black magic and if a contact takes place with some entity, it is very important that the same one is treated by entire respect and in case she feels bothered, it is important to desist from the game and not to insist with any more questions or invocations. Finally we must point out that if it goes to take part of a spiritualistic meeting with the table ouija it is important that all the persons that they carry out it, are mentally suitable to support any type of phenomenon that could happen during the course of the game.

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