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Oracle: answers to all the questions

The word oracle is defined for being an answer granted on the part of the gods, independently of the creed that is possessed, by means of some priest or a fortune teller.

Often also these answers can be interpreted across the interpretation of different methods as there can be the runes, the letters of tarot, and in many cultures the animals sacrifice is used like method to gain access to the oracle. On the other hand, also there is called he an oracle to the place where the question is realized, and we must say that many places of big importance exist in the antiquity, and most of them belong to the ancient Greece. For his part, the Romans inherited the Greek oracles creating the proper ones as it is the example of the Sibyl's oracle of Cumas. The fortune tellers for his part are a fundamental part in the use of the oracle; the consultants usually had an interview with they a few days before the formal consultation is realized.

The oracle been celebrated usually in the antiquity on the 7th of every month since it was considered that it was the date of birth of Apollo. The persons who usually appealed the oracle were all social classes and generally this was what was determining the valuations that were paid. Anyhow we must say that it is very little information that is had about the rituals of consultation to the oracle, but what if it is known it is that the fortune tellers were sitting down in a species of tripod that was located in a space of the temple named Adition, and was at the bottom of every temple of - image Although in this epoch many "versions" of modern oracles exist, most of the history they come from the antiquity, since in that one then, the consultations to the oracle were something of every day, and in many cases, many of the persons who were approaching to consult the oracle were depending entirely on the same one. For example, in the Dodona oracle, there been risen usually questions that are recorded in laminillas of lead and the fortune teller was giving the answers that in turn were gathered and written in the shape of poem by a priest to be delivered to the one who had realized the question.

In the beginning of the oracle, the fortune tellers usually delivered all the answers in the shape of poem, but it was turning out to be very strange to many people that the above mentioned predictions had so bad rhythm, bearing in mind that who was dictating them was Apollo, the god of the music, for this reason, the fortune tellers began to deliver the written answers and not blunders. Now then, up to today the efficacy of the ancient systems of the oracle there keep on being a study motive for many modern historians, and undoubtedly this owes to itself to the quantity of wise moves that the oracle of Delphi offered in his epoch, in fact, no person who appealed this oracle it dared to question his mistakes, and the same ones were attributed to his bad interpretation.

Precisely this is one of the reasons by which there have been counted so many legends that they speak about the function that an oracle had to fulfill, although it is important to emphasize that in spite of the faith that had him, there were historical epochs in which the oracle was considered to be an element of the paganism that was ridiculed constantly by most of the conservative religious believers. In fact many historians attribute the efficacy of the oracles to that the fortune tellers were finding in the poisoning state for different types of grasses, and for it they were acting as if they were entering the certain situation state.

Types of oracles

oracle - womanAt present there exist different types of oracles who provide answers to us when more we need them; some of them belong to specific cultures as it is the case of the Ist ching, that corresponds to a Chinese oracle who by means of his correct interpretation, can help us to understand very much different situations in which we turn out to be tangled and also the Mayan oracle that as the tarot, it is a system of interpretation of playing cards that possess different illustrations regarding this culture, which, each of her possesses a different meaning. Other of the most consulted modern systems there are the tarot letters; the people resort constantly to them, especially when it is a question of asking about the sentimental life of every individual, that's why many of the "witches" who devote themselves to this, they think to the tarot like an oracle's species of the love, although it is not the extract of the practice. Although many people should not know the popularity of the oracle in this epoch we must point out that even a called method exists the weekly oracle who bases in giving the results and the indications to play the lottery, the football pools or any game that has to do with roasting. In this case we must say that bearing in mind the real symbolism of an oracle, it does not correspond that the same one is used by these ends of economic interest, but in spite of them, this is one of the most well-known and famous oracles in most of the societies.

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