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What is the weekly oracle?

The weekly oracle has anything in common neither with mystique, nor energy, without at least with divination; the weekly oracle is what there call the persons who tend to play lottery to the system that grants them the weekly results of the same one.

Anyway we must clarify that the weekly oracle not only gives the results of the lottery, but it deals with most of the gambling games and in some cases, from bets to racings of horses and of dogs. It is important that we bear in mind that the weekly oracle makes under a strict legal order, that is to say that all the gambling games that in him are published must be completely legalized, and for this reason, there represents one of the few ones way legal and clean to which the people can resort at the time of knowing how his weekly bets went out.

The weekly oracle does not possess any type of special functioning not complex of understanding, since simply this one is in charge of publishing the results of the drawings or the raffles most played in the region where placed. One of the principal advantages of the weekly oracle is that the same one is endorsed gubernamentalmente for this reason, the results that there publish sound of entire confidence, since according to the law, any false publication can give place to that the interested parties realize a demand against the company that is a proprietor of the above mentioned oracle. oracle - semanal-computadora

Now then, an important detail that we cannot ignore is the fact that Internet has done of the weekly oracle basically a community; although many exist, since we have to bear in mind that the weekly oracles are in every region of the planet where the people realize money bets, there have been created many Web pages in which not only it is possible to gain access to the weekly oracle of certain country, but in turn, there exist forums of discussion and different sections in which they give advices on bets and gambling games, and even bets are even organized (although these are not realized in a completely legal frame) between the persons. Another very common activity is that of joining a very big fund between the members of the communities of the weekly oracle for Internet to be able to play the lottery when the award is really very big.

The influence of the weekly oracle on the players

oracle - semanal-hombreSince the weekly oracle and his cybernetic communities have appeared in the network, they are under the magnifying glass of many psychologists and sociologists since they see it like an insane stimulation towards the players so that they do not stop playing. Since well we know the wild game it is a vice, and as such it is treated like a pathology. The fact that there are groups of meeting to do bets, or to play for money and companies that they support, support and encourage this type of activities, it does not represent any type of help for a person who is influenced under this pathology.

Anyhow we must say that the weekly oracle if, nothing has to do with this topic, since both the forums and the cybernetic communities of players are a responsibility of those who created them, and only what the Web sites of the weekly oracle did was to give a consultation species so that the people do not have to go to the agencies of game, and could check the results of the lotteries and the bets from the serviceability of his houses. Nevertheless many professionals and students of these pathologies, are completely against that there lends a space in which the players have this access so opened for the gambling games, and some months ago an initiative would have been created so that these places close in Latin America, although they must face the reality of which nobody can go against the Internet phenomenon and to thin and to the end they are the same persons who must become responsible for his act.

It is true that perhaps the publication of councils of statistics and probabilities that are published usually in the Web sites of weekly oracle of the network are usually a temptation for those persons who have this pathology, we must bear in mind that many others simply play for entertainment, without risking ridiculous money quantities, and in turn, they also claim themselves his right to gain access to these places.

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