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The questions to the oracle Maya

The Mayan oracle is one of the more ancient methods of guide and simultaneously, one of those who more are used at present. It is important to bear in mind that it is not necessary to realize any type of question it to begin to use since one believes that the natural energies that it possesses every persons are the managers of contacting the Mayan oracle and this way the answers will be happening alone.

For it the letters must be always chosen by the consultant. Now then, if the same one possesses specific questions that the best thing wants to realize to him to the Mayan oracle of that time it will always be to prepare them inside each one always supporting the very open mind. In this sense it is important to bear in mind that if the answer for that one expects from the oracle is one "if" or one "not", then this would be limiting the effectiveness of the answers, but if it is a question of questions related to specific situations, it is always better to ask the Mayan oracle to receive an interior handlebar as regards the topics that are had in consideration during the consultation.

Choosing the energy resonance of every individual it is probable that the same one has a much wider sense of the perception, what it will help to that the consultant this one attentive to all the words the phrases that could go so far as to sound like some special memory or, that evoke strong emotions, independently to that these are positive or negative; let's remember that whenever an oracle, in this case the Mayan oracle, guides us in our internal search it is possible that there touch certain foibles of the emotional body, for it it is always better to be prepared to face any - maya-maya

But simultaneously, it is important that precisely the fact of having to face the above mentioned emotions will help us to find the correct way inducing us to explore even more deep inside our being. Also it is important to stake that this one turns out to be an excellent approach method in case the consultant of the Mayan oracle is looking for a handlebar that is specially for this moment on this day; it is always good to sit down and always to ponder in quietude with the letters opposite supporting it with the sight and recording it in the mind, keeping a gap both mental and spiritual. Once a consultant has happened for the experience of consulting with the Mayan oracle of that time it is probable that the same one could specify all kinds of interior experiences by means of an energy feeding. Also we must emphasize that the patience is a fundamental tool when it is consulted by the Mayan oracle since the answers for that we are looking not always appear to the first chance; anyway we must have in mind that the letters will help us and will teach to carry the feelings, the changes and the experiences so much in this reality as in others, and this is due to the fact that it is very probable that the arcane ones of the Mayan oracle visit it for his hours of sleep.

Interpretation of the oracle Maya

In the interpretation that is realized when there are read the answers offered by the Mayan oracle of course we will find the information and the revelation that fits more and is more adapted for our internal growth, and it is important to bear in mind that the answers are never neither bad or good since they are considered to be a guide for our life. Now then, we must remember that the Mayan oracle does not give us concise answers, simply it helps us to find them inside ours; the human beings we are proprietors of all the answers to the questions, doubts and problems that us arise every day, unfortunately, we do not possess the aptitude to find them since it is much complicated for one persons to penetrate in his interior me.

oracle - maya-tarotIt is for it that so much the Mayan oracle since other oracles give us that one I push that we need to manage to find the above mentioned answers. Also it is important that we remember that the new myth chases one I walk neither of simplicity and not of ostentation nor controversy; it is fundamental that after the Mayan oracle consults we give up before the magic process since precisely we are being invited to be part of in this life.

Perhaps the Mayan oracle, due to the enormous knowledge that was possessing this civilization, is one of the most accurate at the time of showing us the way to be continued. But we must have it thinks that to consult with the Mayan oracle is not a question of rising a question and of hoping that the answer should solve the life to us; on the contrary, the Mayan oracle grants us the answers that will help us to do a quite arduous internal work, but that it will begin to yield his fruits in a little time. For this reason it is important that the interpretation that him of to the letters is correct, since a wrong interpretation cannot lead to taking very mistaken decisions.

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