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Oracle I Ching, the book of the changes

Since we have already mentioned previously, the oracle I ching talks each other of an ancient system of divination which tradition has come up to the actuality being presently one of the most consulted means.

“The book of the changes” as meets commonly the i-ching, it is one of the most ancient texts of the Chinese culture and as well we said, up to today it possesses the same respect and the same importance. It is important to stand out the fact that precisely the i ching is an oracle, and as such, we cannot hope from the specific answers about situations for decisions that we must take, let's remember that so much the oracle i-ching like the rest of the oracles, simply they guide us so that we find the answers inside ours.

The oracle i ching has to the surroundings of 5.000 years of age and the language that it uses to communicate his ideas and philosophy is pictorial because he is formed by elements of the nature. We must emphasize that the language that the oracle uses i-ching is the same that they use the Japanese and Chinese cultures, the problem that appears for the western mind is that, on not having been used to this type of simbología, it is difficult to liberate of the need from understanding very much everything with the concrete mind. We oracle - i-ching-mujermust bear in mind that as the poetry of the Haikus, the oracle i ching is not anything that could be deciphered by the mind but it must be interpreted and understood by the heart, this way it will be possible to comprise his content without any type of effort.

Inside the oracle i ching, we will learn of his philosophy across the sky, the ground and his three children: the mountain, the thunder and the water, and of his three daughters, the wind, the lake, and the fire, and precisely there are these the elements that turn out to be represented by three basic lines that form the trigrama. It is of them that we learn to grow in harmony and with knowledge. It is important to bear in mind that the fire in the mountain, the water in the ground, the thunder in the sky, the lake in the mountain, and the thunder in the ground there are some of the pictures that they will not accompany at the time of crossing any situation in the time, and we must think that the above mentioned pictures were studied by teachers and for wise persons who managed to verify the way in which this energies combination they were flowing from the sky on the ground and in the man.

To consult the oracle I Ching

It is important that we bear in mind that when we consult the oracle I Ching, it is necessary to heighten some question about a situation by which it is crossed since the oracle i-ching will indicate us the natural direction or, of minor resistance to the mutation or to the change that represents the above mentioned situation. Since well we have said the oracle i ching offers us advices, which are completely clean and free of any type of prejudice and also we must consider the fact that he speaks neither about the good thing nor about the bad thing, simply it offers us a small perspective of the facts for which we cross, and all the possible alternatives for knowledge like facing them. Thanks to this we can say that one of the principal characteristics of the oracle i ching is that it helps us to grow approaching the law of the change that applies to the universe in which we live. The i ching is much more than an oracle since there represents an excellent adviser and a partner of way, at least this way it is felt by those persons who have used it for many years.

oracle - i-ching-hombreWe cannot ignore the fact that the oracle i ching must to us inspire respect and reveres, and especially humility before the big knowledge that presents us. One believes that the oracle i-ching is sick to the life of those who it use the magic dimension and reminds to us, for example, that the calamity is capable of producing fortune, and the fortune can produce a calamity to us, and some of the principal rules that we must appear it before beginning to use the fact is that whenever some difficulty appears before us in our life, the same one perfects our will, while when it goes over to an impasse, everything changes and if we change also, then we will be capable of crossing any difficult situation that they do not present to themselves opposite ours.

Finally we mean that many attribute a sentimental value to the oracle i ching, while many others judge it like a simple divinations book. There are many ways in which we can see the oracle i-ching: it is possible, to believe that the same one possesses the power to drag from the deepest of our unconscious one towards the surface of our mind method that allows us to visualize a problem for which we are crossing but in his real dimensions and thanks to them we are capable of deducing the means to solve this problem. On the other hand, also we can consider another facet of the oracle i ching, who is not simply an oracle but also a book of culture and knowledge.

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