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Runes reading


The oracle of the runes, guide of the correct way

One of the basic knowledge that the people do not know about this divination method is that the oracle of the runes was not created for the purpose of predicting the future, because in the culture in which they never grew he believed in the predestination.

When the oracle of the runes is used by a Vitki, that is to say for an interpreter, the same one it helps us to that we could get connected with our unconscious one and manage to recover the tuning that is supposed we must have with the cosmos to manage to again and we live in a form through harmonica be sorry. This wants that is to say, that the oracle of the runes basically helps us that we could see which are our own problems and up to our feelings from an angle of internal growth and car overcoming. The interpretation of the message that the oracle of the runes is not giving is always a question of the development of sense of the perception that the interpreter possesses. This means that the result will depend on the point of view by means of which the same one comes to a conclusion, this is due principally to the fact that as the tarot or another type of clairvoyance, the oracle of the runes has more than one possibility of interpretation. The system that the oracle of the runes uses, represents to a vehicle that leads us towards this fundamental communication and is important to bear in mind that the same one has guided the man in all his movements since it was created.

oracle - runas-templateOften some situation or event that we consider to be insignificant is recognized by the experts in the oracle of the runes like a luck of opportune sign who guides us in the most appropriate direction and we must bear in mind that to consult the oracle of the runes begins for the present. For many persons, the fact of taking conscience brings over real present through that one lives represents an extremely difficult task because most of the times, we have a tendency to waste most of our lives in complaining therefore it has already happened, or, daydreaming about the future.

Unfortunately, for the human beings there is no work harder than of learning to take conscience of himself, since it always turns out to be much easier to look outside, towards the sides and especially backwards, but this is never made to one alone, himself across a mirror and in a superficial sense. Bearing in mind this we must emphasize the fact that the oracle of the runes there are this mirror but that it reflects our interior. The principal idea that the oracle of the runes transmits to us, is that during the course of our lives the most important thing is that we get accustomed to living here and now, that is to say through the real present. It is fundamental that we realize from a beginning that in the life of the spirit, we are exposed always to the beginning and there is no moment better than the present moment, as also there is better moment than the present so that we decide to take the control on our life. The oracle of the runes not only helps us to achieve the mentioned, but also, it turns out to be an excellent guide so that, as soon as the reins of our life were taken, we support them in our hands and do not drop them.

Oracle of the runes: the Odín legacy

oracle - runas-magoThe oracle of the runes is one of the most important legacies of the God Odín, the most important divinity inside the pantheon of northerly gods, head and leader of the family of rest of gods, since I manage to resist the plans of Loki (demon of the northerly mythology) to destroy all the gods of the pantheon. The image of Odín was that of a very strong elder and of white beard, which was always accompanied by two crows: Munin and Hugin: “memory“ and “thought“ that were in charge of watching the world to take him the information of what happened in the same one.

The God was always taking with it a spear that there was naming Gungir, which was allowing him that from his throne the pudiera to observe all his domains and one is known that Odín obtained sui knowledge in exchange for one of his eyes and across his passion and his sacrifice. The oracle of the runes counts a legend that the God obtained carrying out a sacrifice where it hurt his body with the top of his spear and threw one of his feet to a sacred Fiesco.

Without eating nor to drink went on to the surroundings of 9 days and 10 nights hung. It is said that during this time space, Odin I can penetrate in the deepest of his being, where it managed to glimpse all the runic symbols that are known, and with a scream it came up to the fund to take possession of them; for this effort, the God lost all his forces and unconscious stayed but I manage to take possession of the oracle of the runes who turned into his legacy.

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