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The oracle of Delphi, an emblematic place

The oracle of Delphi constitutes one of the biggest sacred enclosures that were dedicated to the God Apollo; the same one was located in the center of the temple and the Greeks were coming to for the purpose of him asking the gods about the most important questions that they were involving somehow to his life.

The oracle was placed in Greece, specially in the city of Delphi (from there the name), on the foot of the mount called "Parnassus" between the mountains of the Fócida to approximately 700 meters at the top of the sea level and to 10 km of the Gulf of Corinth. One of the most important personages who are related to the oracles, and especially to the oracle of Delphi, there are the fortune tellers, which were entrusted to transmit the answers that the oracle was granting. The name Fortune teller comes from the word I whistle, that Python was adopted of the snake, which Apollo gave death for the purpose of taking possession of his knowledge and intelligence.

The history of this mythological episode says that after killing to the snake, the God kept his ashes in an urn or sarcofagus and in honor to them it founded a luck of so called funeral games “games píticos”. A time later was begun to count a legend of which the same sarcofagus was buried under the oracle of Delphi in the temple of Apollo. In the election of the fortune tellers that were interpreting the messages of the oracle of Delphi it was not doing any type of distinction to itself with regard to his classes, simply one was asking the candidate that both his life and his customs should not take place to reproaches, and the appointment was life promising to live in the temple forever. oracle - delfos-foto

During the centuries of climax of the oracle of Delphi it was necessary to designate up to three fortune tellers so that they could attend to the big quantity of consultations that the oracle usually received in that one then, nevertheless, when the decline times came a fortune teller was alone the one that one was entrusting of this work. As other oracles, the oracle of Delphi was always celebrated on the 7th of every month, and the persons who wanted to realize the consultation had to meet at least 3 days earlier with the fortune teller. These were of all kinds and social class; the oracle of Delphi usually had consultants who were going from the poorest persons up to kings and monarch and it is said that the ritual of consultation was consisting of delivering a sacrifice to the God Apollo and then one was paying the corresponding valuation so that the consultant could realize the questions before the fortune teller and the oracle of Delphi.

Edipo and the oracle of Delphi

The oracles, and particularly the oracle of Delphi, shut up innumerable histories that characterize them; for example, the Edipo history is one of the most emblematic of the oracle of Delphi. When Edipo was born, Spaded, who in that one age of that time the king of Tebas, appealed the oracle of Delphi to know about the new child, and this one answered him that Edipo when it should grow would be the person in charge for the death of his father, since his desire would be of marrying his mother; for this reason, I Spade immediately it arranged the murder of the child to avoid the destination that was waiting for him, but the one who supposed that it had to carry out this work, felt too much it hurts for the child and it left it in the mount Citeron, hung by a tree for the feet. Then it was a shepherd who found the baby and delivered it to Plólibo either Peribea who were the kings of Corinth.

oracle - delfos-fotosEdipo was raised by the kings and in the adolescence, due to the comments that they were saying that his parents were not really his parents, he decided to consult with the oracle of Delphi to find out if this was really like that, and the oracle said to him that the estaba destined to kill his father to marry his mother. Due to the terror that gave to Edipo the answer granted by the oracle of Delphi, the same one decided to flee up to Corinth to escape of his destination and this way to protect his father; during his trip it met Layo and without knowledge that the era the king of corinto and his real father, killed it after a discussion for the step preference. Later during his way, Edipo crossed with the sphinx of Tebas, whom he conquered hitting a puzzle and liberated the whole people tormented about the same one.

The people of Tebas like award for his victory decides to give him the crown, and Edipo ends up by marrying and having four children with Yocasta, who was in fact its own mother. Time later, and due to an enormous plague that falls down on Tebas, Edipo consults with the oracle of Delphi that it indicates him that the same one is provoked because of that the culprit for the death of his ancient king, Layo, has not paid, Edipo decides to begin to quarrel the one who was the killer, and with the help of Tiresas (a blind fortune teller of the people) it discovers that he was he who killed Layo and the culprit for the plague, giving the account to the oracle of Delphi who had affirmed that the child would grow to kill his father and to marry his mother. When Yocasta informs the truth he commits suicide being hung on the palace, and on having found this scene, Edipo takes the brooches of the garment of his mother and the eyes are started, leaving the throne and moving back to the exile.

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