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The most important Chinese oracles

When we speak about the Chinese oracle we refer so much the Ist ching as to Ling Chi Ching. In both cases it is important to point out that the millennial knowledge of the small stone is perfectly projected and captured in the Chinese oracle, being this most consulted in the world, for already some all the centuries.

The Chinese oracle was a guide of kings and emperors and simultaneously, there turned out to be one of the hardware most used by magicians and wise persons of the ancient epoch, even at present, it keeps on being one of the more used means of consultation, since although the Chinese oracle does not stand out for his simple-mindedness as for his comprehension and interpretation, the knowledge of the same one serves as help for many persons who do not find his way in the life. Probably the Chinese oracle most used at present is the i ching, who has settled in the modern society, often like game or entertainment, but nevertheless, the faith that the persons possess as for the knowledge that this Chinese oracle opens along his sheets, it is really giant. Let's remember that the philosophy of this Chinese oracle is based in that the universe is governed under the beginning of the change or of the mutations, referring to the fact that the changes take place in a cyclical way, basically the i ching, he thinks to the change like the only existing reality.

Now then, it is important that those persons who have never used this Chinese oracle as a divination way and they want to prove it, we must warn that the same one is based on a binary, geometric and arithmetical numeration system, in which a continuous line represents to the odd numbers and a line cut off to the even numbers and the lines of the Hexagramas they must always be realized from below up. Once we understand the correct way of interpreting and of using this Chinese oracle, the same one will help us very much in the decisions to must take and will guide us in the way that is up to us to take in our life.

Oracle Ling Chi Ching

oracle - chino-monedasNow well it is important that we do a critique as for Ling Chi Ching, since this is something simpler than the Ist ching. The name with which we can translate this Chinese oracle is like “the spiritual chess” since it possesses twelve wooden discs very similar to those who are used in the game of table of the Chinese checkers. When there are thrown these twelve discs that are usually designed in three series of four, in representation of the sky, the ground and the man, they can go so far as to be obtained up to 125 different combinations, and the text that accompanies this Chinese oracle incorporates some interpretive comments about each of these combinations, always beginning for the obtained triangle, the symbolism that this Chinese oracle represents.

Also also it possesses different ancient poems or poetical portraits in addition to the different comments about the interpretations. On the other hand, it is important to stand out that the precision as for the consultations that should realize this Chinese oracle, is related straight to three forces that are represented in three series of these twelve discs (ground, sky and man) together with his predisposition to the meaning of the Yin and the yang. This way one manages to assemble a luck of structure formed by the meanings linked to the different stages and circumstances for which there crosses the person that the Chinese oracle is using.

oracle - chino-mapa

Now then, a fact that turns out to be important as for the manufacture of this Chinese oracle is that the philosophy that accompanies it indicates that none of twelve discs must be worked from an injured tree, that is to say that the wooden pieces with which they are made must be promoted by the entire energy of the beam, which believes he was the person in charge of creating twelve original pieces of this Chinese oracle. Finally we do not want to allow mentioning a very important point that many people usually spend for high, and is the fact that like every oracle, the Chinese oracle will not give us determinant answers you nor specify about the consultations that we do, simply it will help us to find our way to achieve all our targets, being able to avoid the obstacles that intervene in our way, and evolving like human beings and also like spiritual beings.

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