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To calculate the numbers of the luck

The numbers of the luck are a product of the numerology, which allows us to know not only the secret messages inside in the numbers in his quantitative aspect, but also, they help us to perceive that he hides behind every number, since the same ones are capable of offering to us a valuable spiritual and psychological information.

Bearing in mind that the numbers are represented one of the most exact and perfect human concepts that exist, we can use to the numerology and to the numbers of the luck for our personal benefit. The use and the belief in the numbers of the luck, comes from the ancient Egyptians, although the one who supported all this idea was Pitágoras. According to the mathematician, 22 major arcane ones exist and each of them possesses a different meaning, but when this number is bigger than 22 then both numbers (2+2) must join until us of for turned out a number that is between the 1 and 22. Although the numerology is the science by means of which we can obtain our numbers of the luck, it is important to mention the fact that the numbers of the luck can arise from different situations, for example, the sleep.

Generally most of the sleep have a number that characterizes them. So that we could understand this, we can quote the example that he says that if we feel sleepy with the number 72 then they will have to add the numbers 7+2, whose result will be 9 therefore it will have to look for the esoteric meaning of this number; now well if the number is three numbers as it can be 114 it will have to add 1+1+4, what will give of result 6. numbers - suerte-pitagorasNow then, if we go so far as to feel sleepy with an even major number, the procedure I will be the same: 333337=3+3+3+3+3+7=25; bearing in mind that the result is bigger than 25 then these two numbers will have to join 2-5=7. Since we can realize, the formula for the securing of the numbers of the luck is really simple, but: How do we know which there is our number of the personal luck?.

Since the answer is simple and the formula the same one, simply there must join the numbers of our date of birth; for example, a born person on November 19, 1982 the sum will be: 1+9+1+1+1+9+8+2, what would give us like result 32, in what it would not result 3+2=5; but there exists a difference between the numbers of the luck derived from sleep and the one that corresponds to us for birth, and the fact is that in the second case, the result that must give debit to belong to only one codes, that is to say from the 1 9. On the other hand it is important that we stand out the fact that the numbers of the luck that are a result of our date of birth often reflect in his meaning features typical of our personality, even up to our worries, experiences and feelings, but all this is obtained if a picture number is realized numerológico, but on the other hand, to realize this type of pictures is a really complex task, since this not only involves the date of birth but also the name and the nicknames, in case they are had.

The numbers of the luck as the Western horoscope

numbers - suerte-numerosThe astrology also is related very much to the numbers of the luck, and bearing in mind this, we can say that each of the signs of the zodiac possess his respective numbers of the luck, which will govern our life, for example, the numbers of the luck of Aries are 7 17 and 21; the numbers of the luck that govern Taurus are 4, 6 and 11; for géminis the numbers of the luck are 3, 12 and 18; cancer possesses 17, 30 and 15; I read it is governed by the numbers 10, 9 and 1; for his part 10, 15 and 27 are the numbers of the luck corresponding to Virginity, while 2, 8 and 19 apply to the sign of pound sterling; there correspond To Scorpio 4, 13 and 21; the numbers 9, 14 and 23 are those who give him the luck to sagitario, and for capricornio the astrology to designated 13, 16 and 25.

Aquarius takes as numbers of the luck 7, 14 and 20, and finally to piscis the numbers 11, 5 and 19 correspond to him. To end, we do not want to ignore the fact that there are many numbers, as it is the case of 13, which believes it performs bad luck and the true thing is that this is not like that. The numbers of bad luck do not exist, since the energy connotation that it will possess we will give it to him same.

In fact, one believes that the number 13 is one of the most powerful numbers in the mathematics, but that the sorcerers, wizards and witches of the black magic invented histories saying that this number belonged to them and that every person who was using it as a number of the luck was going to be a victim of terrible misfortunes, but the true thing is that they invented these histories precisely so that the number thirteen is not used in his against.

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