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Essentials of the numerology

The essentials with which the numerology is used were established by Pitágoras who obtained them of the knowledge that so much characterized the ancient Egyptians.

The school that the mathematician founded was famous for being very rigorous with regard to receiving from his disciples from who were demanded them like minimal requisite, to happen two finished years of silence and of contemplation being governed by a law together that was forcing them to take a healthy life. Pitágoras was insisting with that each of the movements that realized the universe is related to a number and if a person is capable of knowing which it is this number, also it will have the possibility of knowing with finished accuracy not only that it can happen to a person but also, that it can happen in the whole universe.

According to this developed theory of the numerology, each of the numbers possesses a proper destination and personal individual has his own one, his virtues and lacks, in addition to offering some attributes to the life and to the personality of every person. This is something that it is possible to determine across the finished name of a person and his date of birth since this allows that the numerology us of a much more exact result for a personality study. The above mentioned study bases on the numerology and on the podremos to quarrel, what our mission is in the life; what challenges wait for us, what our future will be, between many other questions referred to a person and the course of his life. Some other information that we will be able to compile with the numerology is, for example, that we drag type of typical features of our past lives, something that turns out to be of great a help to manage to finish possible missions or works that have remained hanging; generally this is a detail that can manage seeing which are the numbers and the values which the name of a person lacks.

The numerology as guide in the life

numerology - numberOn the other hand the numerology can help us to know another type of things, as for example, the letters of the name are an excellent way to quarrel that type of vibration of energy corresponds to us in certain moments of our life and of what way a person expresses herself with the others and at that aspects he needs to be employed if the same. Basically it is possible to be said that the numerology represents a science that helps us to know the movements that the universe realizes and in general, bearing in mind that all his bases are mathematical, it turns out to be a very exact science, also it is important that we consider the fact that the numbers constitute a universal language. If we study in depth more the meaning that possesses the numerology, we cannot ignore the fact that the numbers are values that we acquire at the moment of being born, and the same ones will officiate like a guide luck so that we could discover different things about us ourselves at which we need to be employed and resolve.

It is very important to bear in mind that the numerology is not anything that is out of our control, that is to say that anything external does not represent us, as if any turn out to be other prediction methods, and one of the principal characteristics of the numerology is that the same one does not mark a predetermined destination to us, but simply he informs us about the hardware with which we are provided to be able to realize all that that we need to expire with a destination that will be constructed as we pass. According to this theory the destination is not written, it is us who we write it, without forgetting that we are born and come to this world with a "mission".

numerology - imageHow to calculate the numerology of our name

It is important to bear in mind that the numerology helps us to that we are we ourselves whom we decide when to do the things and how to do them. The numerology uses the finished name of a person (names and surnames) to determine which are the numbers that dial our way in the life, and this is due to the fact that every letter has a value that must join that of the following one; thus, for example, the calculation to know the number that governs the serious life of Pedro Pérez the following one: P=8; E=5; D=4; R=2; O=7: 8+5+4+2+7=26 diminishing in 2+6 = 8; P=8; E=5; R=2, E=5; Z=7 what would be 27, proving in 2+7=9. Now then, to continue with the calculation we must add both results, that is to say 9+8 that gives us a whole of 17 and finally both component numbers of this number must join: 1+7 = 8, what it takes us to the conclusion that the number that governs the life of Pedro Pérez is the number 8.

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