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Typical of the neo-paganism

The neo-paganism is known in this epoch like a set of beliefs and modern spiritual movements that are inspired by forms of religion very previous to the Christianity in Occident.

We can divide to the neo-paganism in two well-known ambiences, one of them is the Wicca and his derivative traditions, and other is that of the reconstruccionismos neopaganos. According to the founders of the neopaganismo, the beliefs that manage in the movement have his bases in the ancient religions, that's why in general, most of the people who devotes herself to the investigation and the study of the neo-paganism consider it to be the first religion. On the other hand, also it linked hard with those discoveries of the systematical theories and of the ecology, since one of the principal characteristics of this modern movement is the cult to the nature.

The religions that correspond to the neo-paganism it has the quality of there possesses diverse origins symbols ancient, for example, one of the symbols more important than relay the neo-paganism it is the Pentáculo, the star of five peaks shut up in a circle, which comes from the religion grecorromana.neopaganismo-woman The kemetismo, other one of the neo-pagan religions most practised in the world, has a symbol called Anj that it constitutes to the mystery of the life and to the declaration of the divinity; also they use the famous Horus eye, on solar Atón disc since in same, this god usually demonstrates in the cosmos.

In the druidism the awen and the triquetra also represent two of the most important symbols of the religion; between the two they represent to the divine nature, and like all the symbols of the neo-paganism, this is one of more spread in spite of the ignorance of his origins. One believes that a symbol is a druid very similar to three moons Wicca. With regard to the holidays that they characterize to the neo-paganism they are great, but the principal two are the Esbat and the Sabbat. Both festive rituals are based in the lunar month, for what they never fall down in the same day, and the system of the sabbats, for example, is related to the mechanism of the sun that turns about the ground; these two holidays celebrate them sacredly of the aquinoccios and the solstices, which simultaneously are considered to be astronomical events that possess a proper and very special mystique. For example, in the religion Wicca of the neo-paganism the holidays that celebrate the sabbat they possess an important meaning since the God and the Goddess celebrates the union between, a myth that is in charge of stressing the divine union of two principles and that sprouts of the nature, anyhow it is important to stand out the fact that the good and evil in the neo-paganism they do not exist since he is the man himself who has the tendency to label the creations as prints or denials. An important detail to emphasize with regard to the rejection that he exercises the Christianity on the neo-paganism is a “mistake moralist” who is part of his doctrines: neither the sex nor the homosexuality are considered to be violations of the human nature.

Magic and esoterism in the neo-paganism

neopaganismo-imageSince well we have explained the neo-paganism it is basically the set of the religions that possess a mysterious but also secret not alone meaning, and the above mentioned meaning is the extract of the neopaganismo since behind the mask from what it can turn out to be easy to interpret one hides the most secret and significant symbolisms. The esoteric tendency of the neo-paganism is one of the most important elements that differ to this religion of the Christianity and of the rest of the strongest religions that exists in the world.

On the other hand, it is important to emphasize that the neo-paganism is essentially esoteric since one of the proposals that does his faithful is that of a direct meeting with the most secret dimension of the nature; from this idea where the man and the nature interact in a direct way there arises the tendency of the neo-paganism to dedicate most of his rituals to the adoration of the nature. With regard to the magic, we must say that the religion that the excellent practice is the Wicca, since the charm and magic conjurations are a fundamental part of the doctrine that corresponds to him; for his part the shamanism also can become considered like religion of the neo-paganism due to the magic characteristics with which he manages.

In the druismo also it is considered to be the practice of the magic although only the priests corresponding to this religion can carry out it, and we must say that most of the religions that comprises the neo-paganism should be placed by them to the magic as essential part of his respective doctrines.

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