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How is the santería music?

The santeria music represents the traditional musical genre that usually listens in the people to Yoruba. Bearing in mind the longest tradition that this people has in the percussion, the santería music is characterized by the tension drums use, especially the dundun.

The santeria music consists specially of several drums with different sizes which generally they a gudugudu joins. The one who leads the set that the santería music touches is named Iyalu, and the same one is the one that uses the drum as a messenger luck for it it is said that the Iyalu speaks across the drum. Most of the music of santeria is dedicated specially to the spirits of the nature and logically to the gods of the mythology Yoruba and all the adopted saints of the Christianity. It is important to bear in mind that the santería music has transformed in one of the most important elements of the Nigerian popular music, since it is the result of the different influences with the European, Brazilian and Islamic forms.

music - santeria-musicaThe above mentioned influences were those who promoted the import of different metallic musical instruments, the Islamic percussion and the musical styles brought by the Brazilians, what means that the santeria music is basically a merger of all these elements. We must point out that in the city of lakes, one of the cities most filled with Nigeria, all these musical traditions joined to turn precisely into the root of what is today the santería music and many of the styles that were adopted like proper, they derive from the music of traditional santería.

In fact, it is important to emphasize that many classical music composers mention the santeria musician like one of the darlings to use it in different works, in addition to mixing his classical music with different instruments of the music of santería. If we want to learn a little more about the santeria music we must know that the drums are basically sacred since his principal religious function is that of establishing a contact between the believers and the Orishas, the taken saints of the Christianity, who are beings adored by the tribe Yoruba. On the other hand we must emphasize that most of the drums that are used in the santería music, are natives of Africa and precisely they link to the cult of of the saints that Yoruba was so professed by the tribe, who up to today, support domain over some Nigerian territories. The drums also are used in the music of the Candomblé, although we must say that the meaning that the same ones possess is completely different.

The santeria music in the times that run

At present the santeria musician is much listened like Nigerian popular music like good we were mentioning in the previous paragraph. It is an important knowledge that the sound that each of the instruments express characterizes for being improvisations of the persons that there are interpreted the santería music, also, the virtuous rhythms that usually take place they are precisely the persons in charge of communicating this musical message. Many of them are transmitters of very repetitive rhythms, which generally are very simple, and thanks to these there is generated the necessary musical organization on which the santeria music was improvised.

music - santeria-imagenThe polirritmias that they characterize to the drums of the music of santeria have enriched in a substantial way both the Nigerian music and also the Cuban since several of the elements that have been hardware for the Cuban music, have been adopted as the elements that compose the santería musician. This one musical is used essentially in many rituals and works of santería, since basically the music is who communicates to the faithful with the divinity, as well we had saying, and these rituals generally are carried out in the centers of the tribes in the forests. But: What happens with the urban santeros?

The true thing is that in many cities, several santeros gatherings exist, as santeros recluses, and logically they cannot realize these rituals as really they must be. Then they resort generally to buy cds, LPs or Cassettes with music of engraved santeria, this way to be able to carry out his practices without any type of problems. On the other hand, those santeros that are slightly more traditional, prefer to resort to buy a drum as that we were describing at the beginning of this article, and to be they precisely who create the santería music for the rituals. In this sense we must say that to realize this is big I am right since often the connection with the Orishas is much more direct if the santeria music goes out straight of the heart of the santero.

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