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Mints of i-ching and the consultations to the oracle

The i-ching coins represent one of the methods most used to consult the oracle; although common and current coins can be used, like those who are used to buy sweets, it is always much better to use the original i-ching coins since they bring with it the energy load that the oracle needs.

These are represented by drawn Chinese characters and in the cross or dry season of the currency the trigramas are drawn. Generally the person who uses the i ching coins to consult to the book must have the coins between both hands and at a height of the forehead, focusing his mind in the question that it realizes. Then it will wave them later to drop them on some flat surface, and the same process must recur a whole of six times until the resultant hexagrama forms. it coins - de-i-ching-monedas

The debit hexagrama to draw in two columns that there go from below up the lines that two will form hexagramas, that in turn will be able to be equal or different, according to which is the result. It is important to stand out the fact that originally the i ching was consulted by rods, but these were prolonging too much the time of the consultation and for this reason the rods were replaced by coins of i-ching which possess faces that in turn have an even number and odd other. The sum of the numbers that results from every throw gives a number, which generally, if this number is a pair, then represents a broken line but if the resultant number is odd, the line will be entire, and with these finally the hexagramas and the trigramas are arming themselves. Many practitioners of the i-ching, who adapted this form of consultation for the purpose of using it for the original interpretation of the hexagramas and the proper lines of the oracle.

Two methods to use the i ching coins

Since well we have said, to use the i-ching coins to consult the oracle, nowadays represents one of the most used resources, although also we must admit that it is not the most traditional. For this reason, of using the i ching coins does not turn out to be a method that assures completely the randomness of the process, but in turn, improves the securing of the resultant hexagrama. Two variants most used with the coins i ching are the rapid variant, of three coins and the rapid ultra of 5+1 coins.

it coins - de-i-ching-tiposMethod of three coins: logically this method is going to need of the use of three coins of i-ching, and the method consists of throwing three coins, after focusing in the question that it has in mind, noting down the quantity of crossings and faces that go out in every throw and owes to repeat this process six times more, as well we were commenting in the previous paragraph of the article. After this, each of the throwings represent a line, for example: if in a throwing two faces go out and crossings the line is cut, if in another throwing three faces go out and no cross the line is continuous.

If expensive only one goes out and two crossings the line is continuous and if no face goes out and three crossings then the line will be cut, this way the finished hexagrama is obtained, with lines of change, which then can be consulted it is the book. It is important to remember that the first throwing always corresponds to the first line of the hexagrama, or, to the lowest.

Method of the coins 5+1: generally the persons who really are interested in learning to use the coins of i ching and the oracle know that this is a method that really does not have any guarantee since exactly as we have said, it is one of the most rapid methods that the oracle has, but so that anyhow we could understand this method we will give an explanation only with ends illustrative: to begin six i-ching coins are needed that sen identical between themselves, and one of them must have some type of special mark, since it must represent the change currency.

These six coins must be thrown taking care that in the possible thing they all stay in line, that is to say, that the first one must be next to us and the last one in the distance, always forming a line. In this throwing each of these coins will represent to one of the lines of the hexagrama bearing in mind that the crosses represent the Yin and the faces to the Yang; something similar happens with the change currency, although this one was representing a line in movement. Bearing this in mind we can realize that determinist talks each other of a method much since basically it forces us to possess a change line, being the lines of change, the absolute wealth of the totality of the system of the oracle.

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