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Metaphysics definition

The metaphysics basically refer to all that that comes after the nature, that is to say, what is beyond the physical thing, and it is a question of a fundamentalist science of the philosophy.

The metaphysics are in charge of treating those central problems inside the philosophy with many other depths, as for example, the essentials and the most general structures of the same one. Also it includes the sense, the purpose and the reality of every being. The metaphysics term has his origin in Aristotle's work that was composed by 14 rolls of papyrus, which were independent between themselves; the same ones were dealing with diverse topics in general, but all these topics were related to the philosophy. This papyrus, which soon turned into books, possess an esoteric character ocultista, what leads us to thinking that Aristotle never wrote them with the intention of which it should be published.

On the contrary, one believes that it is a question of a set of personal notes about topics that could have treated in some classes. metaphysics - godsWhen there went out the first editions of Aristotle's works, there arose the concept of “metaphysics“ that as well we said, it alludes to everything those that it goes beyond the physical thing. Now then, in the antiquity, the metaphysics were not representing any particular discipline as for the interior of the philosophy, simply they were representing the compendium of mentioned parchments. But from the XIIIth century the metaphysics begun to be considered to be a special philosophical discipline, which principal object is the “entity as for entity”. Since then, the metaphysics happened to be one of the highest philosophical currents as it happens in the modern epoch.

With the time, the term in itself acquired a meaning of "subtly" and in many cases, this word is used to indicate some pejorative or not scientific character. On the other hand, the metaphysics usually question the essentials of the being and quite those existing, and his principal target is of achieving a slightly more theoretical comprehension in account to the extract and the most elementary beginning of the being. This means that the "being" understands himself of diverse forms, what implies that the study field is really wide. Now then, two fundamental questions that the metaphysics raise are: Why does anything exist, and not not at all?, and: Of what does consist the reality of the real thing, which is the considered being if the same? Now then, the concept of being according to the metaphysics is what is based on a mythological unit, which refers to as they are born and there arise the structures from which it departs.

Contemporary metaphysics

At present many persons usually use the alone metaphysics term to designate to the philosophy, although also often it represents the equivalent of the ontology. Frequently, the metaphysics also are considered to be a basic discipline inside the philosophy. On the other hand it is important that we mention the fact that often, the metaphysics are distinguished like a slope of the logic, the esthetics and the ethics, between many other topics. Now then, if we speak about the university foreign ambiences, the metaphysics are considered to designate to all that that goes beyond the material thing, although the "spiritual" term is not used not "transcendent", which are usually most adapted in these cases.

metaphysics - menTherefore, the metaphysics can go so far as to be defined as a study about the characteristics of the reality that exceeds all that that is sensitive, what it implies that it goes much further of the being like extract, as well as also his properties, causes and beginning. We must stand out the fact that at present the metaphysics are related very much to the esoterism and the occultism. For this reason for many, the metaphysics compose a religion in which the beliefs stop being philosophical, and possess a dye that it can be named like pseudo-religiously and logically ocultista.

These currents are part of the new age and are identified usually like communities that although they enter in the field of the religion, they deny themselves of this term and take all his doctrines ocultistas on behalf of his teachers. On the other hand on having belonged to the occultism, the metaphysics are considered to be a heresy completely opposite to the Christianity and especially to the Catholicism, for this reason the fact is that the metaphysics are not accepted inside the religion. In fact in the antiquity, although it did not have the concepts ocultistas that it possesses now, metaphysical age chased by holy Inquisition.

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