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Psychic, the communication with further away

When they ask us: "What is a psychic?" we answer that she is a person whose paranormal skills allow him to act like bridge between the world of the alive ones and the world of the dead persons.

Generally a psychic can communicate with spirits and transmit his messages and orders. Although the power to communicate with the spirits is a natural skill of the psychic, the same one is provided with different methods to manage to transmit the messages that it is destined to deliver in the spiritualistic meetings at that they usually and direct preside. One of these methods and probably most used it is that of the psicografia or automatic writing, where the psychic enters a species of the state of situation and begins to write the words that it receives on the part of the spirit, which can be dictated by the entities, or simply these appear like images in the mind of the psychic. Thus also there takes place the phenomenon of automatic drawing where instead of words, the spirits do that the psychic realizes different drawings which interpretation usually has amazing results.

psychic - spiritOn the other hand and bearing in mind the methods quantity known at present to communicate with the dead persons, we can go so far as to think that any of us can go so far as to develop the powers of a psychic, but the reality is that the powers of a psychic are born with him and frequently they are inherited, and although using a table ouija, or we even should try to realize an automatic writing, certain energy vibration is needed of one so that the spirits could contact us. Another important point that we cannot ignore is the fact that many psychic are capable of writing thousands of words in a very few minutes (from here the name of automatic writing).

And many spirits also have the peculiarity of doing that the psychic writes his messages on the contrary, this way instead of writing “death“ this word can turn out to be written as "etreum". It is important that we have in clear that although a psychic transmits the messages from further away, the same one is not transmitting, but rather a translator. One believes that in further away the concrete words do not use but rather the telepathy and as well we know, this phenomenon can go so far as to transmit even images of past events, for it the fact is that the psychic they must translate this type of messages of a shortest and concrete way. Finally, to answer to the question: "What is a psychic?" it is important that this one has a quite objective position about the general beliefs, since for example, if a psychic is a religious fanatic and must communicate some agnostic idea, it is probable that it manipulates the information and those persons who believe in the word of the psychic, they can be induced to the error because of this.

For those who wonder "how to be a psychic" we say that this one must possess a high conscience, since this way it will have less possibilities of being destabilized, and say this why it has happened frequently where due to the nervousness to the aggressiveness of the assistants in a spiritualistic meeting, it provokes the destabilization of the entity that has taken the psychic and this can go so far as to bring very serious consequences as for example, that the psychic suffers of psychic and physical disorders for several days.

False psychic and the cold reading

psychic - imageThe existence of the capacities of the psychic the doors have opened to thousands of swindlers who assure to possess the aptitude to communicate with the dead persons, and this way, under completely falsified tests, they manage to take advantage of the people who has the hope to communicate with his deceased dear beings, and to extract them up to the last cent. There even exist television programs where, in addition to teaching how to be a psychic, they assure to communicate with the spirits of the relatives of the present public by means of very common questions which answer can be predictable.

This practice is called “a cold reading” and basically it allows an individual to believe that the supposed psychic knows specific things about him from what the same individual says, of his aspect and of generalities that are fitted usually into 99 % of the persons. For example, one of the most well-known methods is the following one: opposite to a hearing of about 150 persons, the supposed psychic asks if the name “Maria“ represents something for someone, bearing in mind that Maria is one of the most common names that exist, and at the moment when a person answers there the game begins. Also they usually mix very general illnesses, asking for example, if someone meets a woman who has died of cancer, here also the possibilities are infinite, and under the blind faith of the people these assumptions psychic are capable of even happening over errors that they commit themselves without nobody of for alluded. This way they are arming small plots that are related usually to activities or common events in the life of any human being, for it it is necessary that “psychic“ one is very careful with this type of autonamed.

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