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What is the Freemasonry?

The Freemasonry is a luck of brotherly society because the members of the same one are considered to be brothers, and as any society with this characteristic the Freemasonry is provided with initiation ceremonies, rituals, symbols, and inscrutability.

A person who belongs to the Freemasonry is named like “Freemason“ whose meaning is that of “builder“, now well there exist two types of Freemasonry, the speculative Freemasonry and the operative Freemasonry, because during the middle age the Freemasons were the principal builders of most of the big buildings and cathedrals, for it one was giving them the denomination of operative Freemasons, since they work like builders. On the other hand, the members of the Freemasonry usually met in lodges for which were preparing all kinds of ceremonies that were based on a language taken from the construction.

For his part, the lodges of the Freemasonry were meeting in two groups, on the one hand the beginners and for other the partners, where the above mentioned were who were governing the lodge and generally it usually choose between them a teacher luck so that he guides them and presides at them. Now then, it is important to bear in mind that so that a lodge of the Freemasonry is a regular debit be authorized by a patent luck that most of the times are delivered by an even major lodge.Freemasonry - Freemasonry

And the authorities of the above mentioned lodge also are elect between the teachers where one of them represents the president called commonly like “big teacher”; now well it is important to emphasize the fact that between the teachers who preside at the Freemasonry exist different improving grades, and these are part of the lodge corresponding to the philosophical Freemasonry. Now then, it is important that we do not believe that the Freemasonry talks each other of any type of religion since this is not like that, on the contrary, this one it leaves the beliefs to the election of each of the members, but if it is a question of a philosophical, progressive and philanthropic brotherhood. It is important that we bear in mind that the Freemasonry is a society universalista and as such it admits any type of political, ideological or intellectual difference, but this was respected any time they are supported by a reason and not by force.

Ritual of beginning of the Freemasonry

Since well we have said, the Freemasonry possesses different ceremonies and rituals and the most important definitely is the ritual of beginning in this organization. The ritual is something like that: the applicant must dress himself completely like a beggar, and those who carry out the ritual must undress the breast and the left foot and the eyes must be bandaged to him, so that it does not see the way for which one leads it up to a door that is opened once I touched it three times and with a lot of force. The same one is led up to the teacher before the one who kneels down since the prayer must listen with attention that this one does to God; then, it must give three returns to the room in which the ritual is carried out, and must be placed before the door with the feet forming a straight angle, giving approximately three steps in the direction in which the teacher is extending his right hand up to a table on which there is the book of the open gospel, together with a compass and a square.

Freemasonry - photoIt is that where the oath is realized to obey the rules of the brotherhood, like also the oath to fulfill all the corresponding duties and logically to keep the secret of all his knowledge about the Freemasonry and his future learnings. Once it finishes the oath, the blindfold is taken from him of the eyes and there is made to him delivery of a new tunic simultaneously that one was communicating to him the password of the lodge, the corresponding greeting and the touch the beginners of the Freemasonry.

The grade that is obtained like beginner, is usually related to the absence of knowledge about the philosophy of the Freemasonry, and the same one is introduced inside the brotherhood not only with the bandaged eyes but also without any type of metal above, since the ceremony must be done by entire calmness and calmness. Basically the requisites of the beginner are symbolic, for example, to take the breast and one of his naked feet is a humility symbol, while the blindfold is precisely the absence of knowledge compared to the rest of the members. At the moment when the blindfold is taken from him, this symbolizes the moment in which the beginner sees the light of the knowledge. Now then, the partner's relaciona grade with the trips of learning and formation that many bricklayers usually realized for the purpose of finding some knowledge to share with his partners of the Freemasonry. In this grade, the Freemason must realize a symbolic trip after the knowledge.

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