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Spring, the favorite plant of the shamans

The spring is known by the Biblical histories that tell how God fed the Jews during his long trajectory for the desert. But in the shamanism it is one of the plants most used by the shamans.

The spring comes from one very leafy tree whose crust in gray and can reach up to 8 Mts. of height. His sheets, which are those who are used in the shamanism are thin with the bundle green and generally grouped in 13 foliolos. With regard to the fruits, also his magic properties are used in the shamanism thank you and the same ones bloom in the summer. The spring tree possesses flowers that in spite of being very little showy possess innumerably curative and magic properties. A detail that can turn out to be important of standing out is that one of the most peculiar characteristics is that of his sexual variety, since spring trees exist with masculine flowers, with feminine flowers, with flowers of both sexes and even many possess hermaphrodite flowers.

The spring tree grows and adapts itself perfectly in fertile grounds, where there are calcareous soils, anyhow this tree is quite versatile and he usually adapts himself to all kinds of soils and needs to be in contact with a humid soil, although also it has the aptitude to adapt itself to the epochs of droughts. spring - plantWhen a spring seed plants in some area, this one grows quickly, developing gradually a powerful and deep root that in the course of time begins to branch out in diverse wings.

The spring plant one takes root in the boundaries of the forests in addition to which it usually settles in forests of the bank since it is much easier to disperse in the vales and the prairies to him. The active beginning of the plant is the steroids, the malic acid, heterópsidos cumarínicos, in addition to that in his crust shaman possesses essential oil much used in the rituals of healing of the religion. In turn it contains some chemical components, like the tannin, the manitol and the quercitrina. Now then, since we have said previously the spring sheets they possess curative properties, de facto, it contains numerous substances that serve like anti-inflammatory and antirust and these are alone some of the properties of that the shamans can make use at the time of treating his patients. In fact, in the middle age, many enchanting doctors usually used them as a treatment for the drop and most of the inflammatory processes of the joints. On the other hand, the spring sheets in infusion fight the arthritis in addition to which they are much used to lower the fever. On the other hand, the shamans use the berries that the spring plant gives in those cases where a patient suffers from cutting wounds; also there are an excellent treatment to stop to eliminate kidney stones or to eliminate intestinal parasites.

Magic properties of the spring

Inside the shamanism, the tree and the plant of spring is one of most used in the magic rituals, in addition to which his properties are much used in the pagan religions, for this reason, the plant of the spring it is much pushed back by the Christians, although it is said that the spring on which the Jews fed in the desert, was obtained precisely of this plant. Now then, in some mythological cultures the spring plant is much venerated, such is the case of the Celts, the Vikings, the Romans and the Greeks. But in case of the religion shaman we must say that it is used in many aspects.

spring preparedFor example, with the crust of the tree, the shamans usually carve amulets and lucky charms that protect the persons of all evil, in addition to which it is said that it has the power to remove to the beams that fall down the days or the nights of thunderstorm. A very curious fact is that the magic varitas and the scepters that the druids were using and that were so typical of them were made precisely with the wood of the tree of spring, and generally always they were taking a sheet in the pocket or in a bag since one believes that the sheets repel the bad energies and he is a powerful protector against the black magic.

On the other hand, the northerly shamans, usually realized his rituals in the sacred forests, which were surrounded with trees and plants of spring, for this reason the tree and the spring plant has been a big knowledge symbol inside the Celtic culture and in the northerly tradition. On the other hand, in the Scandinavian mythology, the spring tree is that that it supports to the world with his branches aiming to the sky at his trunk in the ground and his roots in the sea, for this reason, the spring is part of the trees that were dedicated to the fairies Roble, Spring and Hawthorn, and it is said that in those places in which there can be seen these three together trees, one next to other, the fairies can be seen taking care of them.

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