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Does the bad luck exist?

The bad luck is probably one of the stronger and imposing folk and superstitious beliefs in the world society, but: Really do we know what is the origin and the causes of the bad luck?, the truth is that there neither exists a reason for which one has no luck, neither a specific orígen, de facto is not even known, the bad luck has several interpretations; on the one hand many the people take to the bad luck as a species of excuse put by some persons who do not want to progress in the life; apparently, bad luck is awarded is one of the best reasons not to tackle projects nor to have ambitions. On the other hand, it is said that the bad luck is simply a circumstance of the life at random, but probably the theory that more fits at the time of defining the causes for which a person is not fine in the life is because the bad luck is considered to be a consequence of our past acts, something like Karma.

bad - suerte-hombreBasically what this says to us the fact is that the gusts of bad luck of producen for some egoistic act or of nastiness that we have had with someone, for example, if in the work we try to boycott some partner, the surest thing is that that turns us in against and everything what we do begins going out for us badly without apparent reason; of the same way, if we defraud someone, it is probable that in the future we have many economic problems. Another not so extreme example but if very common the case of the students is when they do pitfall in the examinations, perhaps this helps them to spend them but sooner or later they will begin to cross what commonly is named like “Gust of bad luck”.

Now then, there are certain situations where it is much more difficult to determine why a person is crossing for a gust of bad luck bearing in mind that he has always kept a model behavior; the fact is that here it is where the law of the karma is fulfilled in all his extension: a person who in this life has behaved very well and nevertheless the good luck him does not smile, it is probable that it has harmed in some of his past lives, being finished this one long before the person could pay his faults. Anyhow each one can put his own criterion in this and adopt the reasons that more convince him, the true thing is that the bad luck is something to what we all are exposed.

Superstitions that accompany the bad luck

Whenever it is proposed the human being can be very creative and amusing and this is a rule that is applied at the time of creating folk elements of superstition to which, seemingly we would have to have terror to them. One of the most well-known, attractive elements of the bad luck there are the black cats. This has a lot to do with the fact that in the epoch of the Inquisition he believed that the cats, on having been night animals, were demoniacal creatures, and in the specific case of the black cats, they were the faithful partners of the witches and there were assuming to him powers that go much further of the human capacities, that's why of dice that to cross way with a black cat performs very bad luck. To happen below a stairs also is an invitation to which the bad luck invades our lives, and the origin of this belief comes from the antiquity where it was of him afraid to the scaffolds (platforms where the people were hung) and the only way of gaining access to them was by means of a stairs, and precisely as soon as the execution was carried out, the corpse was hanging below the above mentioned stairs, that is to say that if a person was happening below the same one would meet the dead person hanging.

bad - suerte-supersticionesTo spill the salt in the table represents one of the biggest errors that we can commit in our life; this is due to the fact that in to ancient Greece the salt had a strong symbolic power, but at present the belief is that when one spills the salt, the demon places himself behind ours hoping that we help to the temptations; to resist this magnet of bad luck, it is necessary to take a salt pinch with the right hand and to throw over the shoulder left, this way the demon remains reaped without much ado remedy to be returned to his residence. The bad luck attracted by the break of a mirror is one of the superstitions most imposed in the society; this is due to the fact that one believes that the mirror is the reflex of another version of us ourselves, and to cause him some type of damage would represent to get damaged to ourselves.

Bearing this in mind we can say that the belief in seven years of bad luck has his base in the theory that he says that the human body experiences a series of changes it is his physiological constitution every seven years. To open the umbrella inside a house or a room will not help us to be lucky in the life either. This belief is due to the fact that the oriental kings, usually used the umbrella as a sunshade to be protected from the beams of the sun, and due to his strong connection with the star that was considered to be a God, to open an umbrella or a sunshade out of his domains (that is to say in some interior ambience) it was considered to be a sacrilege. Finally we do not want to allow mentioning the big superstition that makes a detour on Tuesday, the 13th. In this case they exist many reasons for which one believes that on Tuesday, the thirteen he is one of the big synonymous ones of bad luck, for example, who were in the Jesus's last dinner were 13; 13 is the number of the demons and malignant spirits of the northerly legends; according to the same tradition, in the dinner of the gods of Valhala, the spirit of bad called Loki was the guest number 13, and on the other hand, on Tuesday it collaborates with the blood and the violence because in the Greek mythology it represents the God of the war.

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