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Types of magic


The philosophy of the magic Wicca

There are great the myths, prejudices and the bad interpretations that the people usually do about the practical magic Wicca since it is very habitual that they confuse the rituals that the magic Wicca comprises with those in which the adoration to the demon and the secret practices satanistas are common.

Them true the fact is that the magic Wicca has not anything in common with that one, since it is one of the branches corresponding to the white, purer and natural magic that exists in the magic world. First of all it is an interesting knowledge that Wicca is a religion founded in the 50s by the keen anthropologist Gerald Gardner and basically it focuses all his practices on a tendency towards the pantheons of the gods in addition to possessing different influences. The philosophy of the magic Wicca centers principally on the adoration to towards the nature, the Earth and the gods who represent it in addition to possessing basic prescripts that indicate the devotion towards a god and a goddess, and to the being two deities of different sex, this indicates a duality in the “Big Spirit”.

Because the magic Wicca is inside the white magic, the rules prohíben any type of charm that has to do in spite of breaking the will of an individual, neither realizing some conjuration without the assent of the person, nevertheless if the motive is to be right in him. magic - wicca-templateAt the same time the magic Wicca is governed by two principal laws, which are the law of three or of comeback and the rede Wicca; these laws basically indicate that the person who should practise magic Wicca must use it only for the good since if it goes so far as to manipulate this type of magic in the shape of black magic, that is to say, if it goes so far as to use the magic Wicca to make some harmful work, of that time the consequence will be that the same evil will turn the person but multiplied by three. In the magic Wicca there is no place for the evil since he believes at the finished freedom and responsibility of those who carry out the corresponding charm.

Although it is much more common that the magic Wicca is practised alone, many covens exist (meeting place for the wicannos and in the antiquity for the witches) Wicca and it is important to bear in mind that the beliefs and traditions defer very much between the solitary wicannos and those who realize magic in group, since there does not exist a centralized organization that establishes the parameters and the beliefs. In any case we must say that the tie that joins the groups wiccanos and to the solitary practitioners this one in the religious and those concepts that are ethically basic, as well as also, the structure used to realize the rituals for the festive celebrations typical of the religion.

Magic Wicca and his beginning

Generally, for all the acts that they involve to the magic Wicca, a so called charm book is used “Book of the shades”, a book that keeps all the secrets that will only be transmitted to the initiated ones in the religion and logically to those that belong already to the same one. The book of the shades is very similar to the grimorios since it is a question of a compilation of all that ritual knowledge, although the majority of the educations is transmitted usually verbally. One of the beliefs that it characterizes to the magic Wicca is the belief in which the gods have the aptitude to be evident physically and personally by means of the bodies of his priests or priestesses. This declaration produces to itself during the development of one of the most important rituals of the magic so called Wicca “to lower the moon” or “to lower the sun”.

magic - wicca-brujaThe Goddess is invoked so that that way it could lower and take the body of the priestess who informs the rite Wicca and carries out the called “divine possession”. 4 elements are a fundamental part of the magic Wicca, the water, the fire, the ground and the air are usually involved in most of the charm, and to them a fifth element joins them: the spirit. The above mentioned elements are symbolized by one of the hardware used by the magic more well-known Wicca, the stave, where each of the tops represents to the elements with the spirit in the highest peak. Apart from the beginning previously mentioned, the magic Wicca is based on the education, since the wiccanos think that to give the educations corresponding to the religion Wicca must be done by freedom and of course, without ends of lucre or courses payments.

And other of the most important beginning, to bear in mind, is that neither the magic Wicca nor the religion do proselytism; this means that a wiccano is never going to be seen trying to "receive" the people that one to to them, as if some sectarian religions do it, on the contrary, they are the interested persons in this philosophy who must approach the teachers or, begin themselves; let's remember that the mafia Wicca is practised usually alone. Finally we do not want to allow mentioning, that the magic Wicca has very much in common with the Celtic magic, therefore it is common to confuse them; anyhow let's remember that Wicca is a religion.

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