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Classification of the magic


Green magic, a form of life

Although the green magic is used by sorcerers and witches about the world, it does not constitute one of the magic, more important doctrines since simply this one talks each other of a derivation of the white magic, skylight that the classification that it receives will depend on the intention with which he practises, but in this case we must say that the green magic is more used like white magic that black woman.

Those who practise green magic assimilate it like a form of life, since they adopt his power, believe in him and use it as own independently if this power is big or small. But the true thing is that the green magic uses neither charm, nor conjurations nor any type of invocation, the green magic shows us his power across the plants.

Most of the times the green magic is not hard tied to the esoteric world like other types of magic, since for example, the fitoterapia and the herbalismo are considered to be practices of the green magic. magic - verde-hierbasIt is all forms important to emphasize that in spite of this many doubts have been established about the legality of certain practices that are realized by the green magic since one believes that the same one incorporates elements psicoactivos of natural origin. In addition to be using medicinally, the green magic is famous for the properties that it offers to realize love philters, and mooring charm, something that catalogs it inside the black magic. Let's remember that no charm that should take as a purpose to break the will of an individual can be considered to be a white magic since one is hurting to the same one. The green magic used for this type of charm thinks about how to have direct possession on the desire object. A detail to be born in mind is that the green magic does not have intermediate points and belongs to both ends of the magic, that is to say that his use is for the good or for the evil.

How does the green magic work

Anyhow also it is said that the green magic is used like way to overcome many human limitations and to put to our service the forces of the nature. All the educations that have left along the history the alchemy, the magic (especially the green magic) and the philosophy, are mostly very symbolic and very valuable because they all wish to come to the same end, to be able to reach the love of both the disciples and the faithful; the problem arises when the fanaticism provoked by the ignorance of the human being takes them to the ambition of wanting to have the control on things that it is not up to them to control. Now then, to understand well how it works the green magic is a necessary knowledge that no sorcerer, witch or magician transfers the energy to the objects, to the persons or to the situations, implement the same one it allows his energy to have a scope havia the normal level of radiancia of the love.

magic - verde-amorFor it, every sorcerer who should devote himself to the green magic must know to the perfection that way handles his personal energy opposite to the situations that presents the external world to him, such form that avoids that some circumstance could alter the balance of the above mentioned energy. When the green magic is exercised as love magic it is necessary that who is learning it extracts profit of all the circumstances in which the life places it, and sees them like an opportunity to be prepared in the handling of the internal energy that so much is needed to carry out the charm of green magic.

To be able to begin with these practices, it is fundamental that the disciple or practitioner develops his comprehension capacity and organizes his state and mental energy studying all the laws that apply to the nature, to the philosophy, to the science, to the thought, to the relations and even to the technology. Another very important detail that we must emphasize is that every beginner of green magic must achieve that both his intellectual mind and his logical mind, he accepts the relevancy that possesses the fact of carrying out all the exercises and the necessary practices that they help to the development of his skill to achieve the voluntary handling of the internal energy and to achieve that this one influences each of his charm of affectionate green magic; finally it will manage to connect his energy nucleus to turn into an illuminated being and into an absolute magician of the love.

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