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Classification of the magic


Why is the red magic used?

The red magic is related to many things, in the first instance it is considered to be the sexual magic, which is practised during the sexual acts to possess different effects, principally to obtain a major sexual desire and to manage to satisfy all the needs of the person with whom one is in couple.

The practices of red magic also are hard tied with the satanic agreements, where a person offers his soul in exchange for some interest that can be material or emotional; and like love charm, the red magic helps to retain the person wanted against will. Bearing all this in mind we can come to the conclusion that, obviously, the red magic is one more branch of the practices ocultistas of black magic, and hence, it is condemned for most of the world society. It might define to the red magic as a magic species for the divination, which consists principally for the blood use during his rituals.

The use of the blood in the charm takes as a purpose the fulfillment of the requests of the person who is practising it, and these practices are usually carried out on Friday since one believes that the charm has an immediate effect due to that every Friday are usually the days of major flow of energy corresponding to the black magic, for it the result is immediate. magic - roja-mujerOne believes that the red magic also is related to the cannibalism in an epoch in the one that believed that eating up certain parts of the body of the enemy, or, eating up everything, the same physical and mental skills would be acquired.

The red magic uses like way to the blood since this one imposes very much respect in addition to evoking fears, dark desires and passions. This type of practices ocultistas belongs to a current of linear magic thought, where the blood and the meat, already it is human or animal, possesses the aptitude to transmit all his important characteristics of his respective owners. On the other hand, the red magic has thought in some epoch that both the meat and the blood often do not go so far as to reach the force that is needed to be able to redeem the wished function, unless these are activated by means of some painful practice, the fear or the sexual excitement in those moments in which there is carried out the practice of the red magic. Now then, it is very difficult to find some group that carries out publicly different acts of red magic since the same one is prohibited for the law in most of the countries of the world, also, we must bear in mind that most of the rituals that him devote themselves to the red magic usually have a very tribal style difficult to see in the cities.

The animals sacrifice in the red magic

The animals sacrifice dates back to times so ancient that it even appears in the ancient testament of the Bible, therefore it does not limit itself only to the practice of red magic or any other type of black magic. It is said that in this time God needed of this so that the man could be absolved of his sins, but theoretically the animals slaughter ended with the last sacrifice that was that of Jesus. We say "theoretically" since tens religions that practise red magic in the world keep on offering animal sacrifices to his gods often for the purpose of obtaining some benefit in return, or simply for producing cult.

magic - roja-fondoThe African tribes faithful to the religion voodoo is most known by these practices, as the umbanda (although it should not be recognized publicly, it is known that they practise black and red magic), and in spite of all the efforts of the law and of the protective organizations, it is very difficult to abolish this practice. Generally, depending on the beliefs and of the religion, the animals that sacrifice themselves are the roosters, hens, dogs (black) cats, goats, sheep and lambs, and although in many rituals they are tortured to allow them to die slowly (one believes that it gives a major satisfaction to the gods) there are rites of red magic in which simply they are murdered and drain on some altar.

On the other hand, there are great the religions and tribes who practise red magic that they assure that the gods cannot live without his respective blood gifts, since the same one helps them to increase his energy and in parallel his immortal powers, without mentioning that the popular story is that the blood of the animal benefits the persons (especially to the one who carries out the slaughter) infundiéndole new and higher vitality levels in addition to his energy and his natural defenses. To offer animal blood to any deity entrusted to guard the acts of red magic, is to grant him a pure gift of energy that can become used for the creation of some new being, for it the fact is that the animals that sacrifice themselves in these types of rites tend to be very different since each one possesses an energy, vitality and different fortitude.

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