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Classification of the magic


What is the black magic?

For many students of the occultism, the black magic is a secret science that is applied exclusively when it is a question of realizing an evil to some person.

The practice of the black magic takes as a target to induce some changes in the reality to provoke damages, which can be physical or psychological and up to materials, to other persons by means of actions or invocations realized under the will of the one who practises the black magic, bearing this in mind we can sum up that the black magic takes hurting as the only end. Since well we mention, in several cultures to invoke low gods, a completely normal activity is demons or dark spirits, therefore the black ceremonies (in case of the satanism the term is used “Black mass”) are a part of the traditional religious rituals; in case of the Occident we must say that the demon is the opposite one to God and therefore it represents the worst enemy of the men, although in for the scientists, those persons who believe in the demons existence, are considered to be psychopaths.

Anyhow we must say that to understand to the black magic is slightly complex, since for example, for the Hindu philosophy the universe was a work of three principal gods having under his control gods of minor status. Three gods would come to be Brhama, who is considered to be the supreme creator, Vishnu, whom there supports the life and the love and Shiva, the devastating God. magic - negra-magiaAlong his existence, the man crosses a way full of games, interactions and impact of powers that come from the above mentioned gods, although on the other hand a person has the aptitude to there come undone the chains that it it joins to the material plane, fusing with the only God.

Most of the wise men discover and study those secrets of the black magic so that the Shiva faithful could attend to his prayers, but in turn they have much in clear that the handling of this type of energy can turn out to be very dangerous. Some of these wise persons, who were already residing in the Occident managed to use the black magic, but the mastery of the Roman church chased them and condemned them to be exterminated physically, burning them alive in a bonfire opposite to the whole people. Like that it was like thousands of heretics like whom they usually practised black magic (and some others that although they were not related to this type of things were enjuiciados equally, for religious, political differences, and even for owing taxes) they begun to be burned in the public squares by the Holy Inquisition, and although the church time later I accept his faults and errors, the reality shows us that these events are a part of the repeated self-destructions that are so typical of the human race.

Witchcraft and black magic

magic - negra-templateIt is important to stand out inside the historical development of the black magic, which in the medieval Europe there began to mention the sabbat and the covens as popular traditions in the magic agreements. These meetings been done usually in places very isolated from the peoples, generally open space as forests or cemeteries and during the night, the witches and sorcerers (or wizards) usually surrendered to the excesses under the mastery of demoniacal forces since precisely the purpose of the meetings was the adoration to the demon.

The inquisitors (members of the holy Inquisition) made use of all these practices to demonstrate the existence of the practice of black magic, and that the same one was used in order to copy but in an opposite way the tradition christens, realizing rites and adoration ceremonies to the devil and not to God, that is to say, they change to the good for the evil. During this epoch, the imprisoned persons were great enjuiciadas under the accusation of witchcraft and practice of black magic, and many of them even were adolescent and young of not more than 21 years. At present, as in that epoch, one believes that the black magic is an ideal practice to contact spirits that could turn out to be harmful to those persons who are unprepared. Finally we do not want to allow mentioning the fact that the black magic is considered to be an art based on a transmitted philosophy; it is important that the topic of the invocation does not take lightly to low spirits since the same ones can prove much more powerful than we believe, and can turn in ours against.

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