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Classification of the magic


Gray magic for an economic and labor progress

Although the black magic and the white magic are completely put up poles not always it is possible to separate them completely, this implies that the gray magic would come to be like a species of intermediate power between the good thing and the bad thing, but the real gray magic is that where all the forces are in entire balance being delivered to the sorcerer or to the magician in his purest form.

In the gray magic there manages all kinds of finished and absolute entities, and they all integrate to manage to open in a harmonious form. Two are the forms most known in which the gray magic is applied, one of them is the asynchronous way and synchronous other. In the first case, the gray magic includes rituals and ceremonies very similar to the magic Wicca, while the synchronous way, due to his characteristics has a much more informal touch in all his rites. The principal difference between these two methods used in the magic is that the first one can be carried out in any moment while other not. All the rituals that are related to the gray magic, must be characterized by a perfect balance between two aspects previously mentioned.

But anyhow let's remember that the magic gray is principally focused in the labor, material and economic ambience, for it one doubts his classification like white magician since as well we know, the white magic stands out for being completely disinterested and because one does not hope to receive any type of benefit of the same one. magic - gris-fondoIn general, the persons who do not feel at ease in his daily work usually appeal to the gray magic with the target to be impelled by some motivation, which, there is not completely badly to receive any positive energy help for these cases, but what is not allowed inside the white magic is to realize charm for the purpose of receiving something in return without working, this it means that it is not possible to realize a charm to have money if one does not work honestly to obtain it.

The gray magic is much known also by the amulets that help the persons in all his labor topics, in addition to serving to them as big help in the conjurations of gray magic that they want to do; for example to obtain work or to make sure that one already possesses the amulets of gray magic are ideal to transmit energy positive energy, but it is very important that we bear in mind that this type of object is only for a personal use, that is to say that it must never be given. This is due to the fact that as well we said, the amulet of gray magic must be completely loaded by our energy, and if it happens for hands of another person it is probable that the energy load is a finished chaos, and not only it will not be useful, but we run the risk that it has the opposite effects. On the other hand it is important to clarify that although a person should realize conjurations of gray magic and should use or the corresponding amulets so that he is fine in his labor ambience, as well we said previously, not at all of this will have effect if the person simply sits down to hope that it should happen. Everything needs of an arduous work and we must understand that in this sense, the magic only helps us to change our energy environment in order to have a much more positive energy for any new project that is tackled.

Gray magic: the power of the prayer and the amulets

magic - gris-hombreIt is important that the amulets of gray magic are taken care and supported, to prevent the energy that they transfer to us from vanishing; a good idea is to keep it close to the place where it is rested, preferably in the head. This helps very much to that all his power preserves the amulet of gray magic until now that we feel it sufficiently sure as it to stop using, and once this is like that, it will have to place in a sachet preferably of velvet, to be buried in some flowerpot.

The ideal thing is to plant in the flowerpot where the amulet of gray magic will be. The gray magic not only talks each other of charm and amulets since one of the methods to carry out the power of the gray magic, more used about the world and for most of the persons it is the prayer. To pray to the saints so that they help to find work or to improve the labor ambience of a person is a perfect method of gray magic, since the energy that the prayers generate more the impetus and the faith that settles in them, there turn out to be a big recipe to achieve this type of things.

Anyhow we must bear in mind, as binen we said previously that it is very important that one does not wait for the seated results, since we must bear in mind that the gray magic only serves of support in energy paw to us our emprendimientos. The principal target of the gray magic in this ambience is to relieve the fears, the insecurities and the anxiety so that all the tasks that are assigned to us could be carried out by major efficiency since we will be sorry about ourselves happier, calm and in peace with ourselves.

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