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Types of magic


The ritual of the magic with sails

The magic with sails shuts up the only mysticism that helps to create an ideal ambience to carry out any type of magic ritual, independently of the type of magic that is practised.

Generally the sails ignite in situations you stop those that a special concentration needs, or to ponder, for the purpose of creating a propitious ambience for the activity. In general, the magic with sails stands out for being a ritualist, and the duration of the same one will depend entirely on the person that the this thing carrying out. Generally a ritual of magic with sails finishes when the practitioner cannot keep on supporting the state of meditation that is needed and his mind begins to digress therefore each one is necessary to be attentive of the capacity that it has to support this type of rituals. On the other hand, and important to point out that when magic is realized with sails, there is a series of rules and factors that must be taken into consideration; for example it is very important to determine the color of sail that will be used in every ritual.

The clothes that is used must be always clean although the most advisable thing the white or blue tunics are, and tamben it is recommended to take a rapid shower before every ritual. In case he does not get ready of time, it is important that the hands wash themselves with abundant water and soap since whenever the sails are used like magic tool, the person must apply first if the same some ritual of purification. magic - velas-pentaculoThe incense is a fundamental complement in the magic with sails since it helps to create very much an ideal ambience and also it serves like protection of some spirits that can slip in during the magic ritual; although many persons use repeatedly the same sails, it is always better that in every ritual the sail is consumed completely and a piece of news is used.

Since not all the rites of magic with sails are done by the same intentions and each of them possesses a specific target; you always watch it they must be lit with fósforos, preferably of wood since it represents the first element in the creation of the fire. At the moment when the sail is lit it is necessary to say the desires aloud; as soon as the ritual of magic was finished with sails, it is important that the same ones are never extinguished blowing since the energy accumulated during the rite would disperse. An important fact that we create is worth while reaching port, the fact is that, although all kinds of sails can be obtained on the market, it is always better that when it is a question of doing magic with sails, these are made by us. This is due to the fact that it is important that the sail is loaded by our energy, and those that they sell in the business, they are usually loaded with different types of energies corresponding to the persons who contact them.

Color and meaning of the sails

Since well we mention previously, one of the parameters more important in the magic with sails is the color of the same ones and his respective meaning; first of all there are the white sails most used for the magic with sails. This is due to the fact that it can replace to all the colors, in addition to representing a color purifier and transformer, also, the white color stimulates the humility and the creative imagination in addition to giving a sensation of clarity and cleanliness; the red sails represent to the color of the fire, therefore they imply passion and enthusiasm.

magic - velas-velasUtilizá to give health, it usually forces vigor and sexual energy; the golden sails are represented to the gods by guards of the ritual of magic with sails that is practised, also they encourage the ideal success, the prosperity and they are in those cases of money. Her silver sails usually represent to the feminine deities and they are ideal for the canalization of energies, for the concentration and the visualization, as well as also, to invoke to the astral energies. The yellow sails are very useful for those rituals where there are needed works of creativity, communication, mental force and imagination.

The orange color is much used also in the magic with sails since it helps to support very much a positive thought and to face all those changes to which we are exhibited in the life. The green sails serve for the rituals of fertility, harmony and luck while the blue ones help to support a certain mental balance, calmness and serenity. Finally there are the black sails that are hard linked by the black magic when combined with the red sails; the true thing is that when a person practises magic with black sails and his intention is good, of that time in this case they will serve as protection to remove the negative energies.

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