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Types of magic


Celtic, devout magic of the Earth and the nature

The Celtic magic is the central figure of the druids who were individuals who were standing out for his culture and his philosophical, medical and astronomical knowledge and were devoting themselves to the practices of white magic; the druids were representing really intellectual caste.

All the knowledge that the druids were handling about the Celtic magic, was transmitted only from one individual to other without using any type of written document, it is for it that often it turns out to be so difficult to determine the characteristics of the practices of Celtic magic. The official material only one of the one that gets ready is of the ancient Roman chronicles since the Roman empire devoted itself to suppress all kinds of practice that there was related to the philosophy druid and the Celtic magic, with the affirmation of which the same ones were representing a threat for the society and the Roman culture. Later, with the arrival of the Christianity, the Celtic magic became extinct almost completely.

The interpretation of the nature was one of the most important props inside the Celtic magic, that in turn, it was comprising divinatory skills based on the flights of different birds, but in spite of the respect and devotion that this type of magic was keeping for the nature, one believes that there existed certain rituals that were implying the animal and human sacrifice. magic - celta-magoOn the other hand The beliefs with which there is practised at present the Celtic magic (although as we said previously the same one dead finds case) are linked straight with the Earth and the elementary beings, who constitute to the proper extract of the nature, including four principal elements: ground, fire, air and water. Bearing this in mind we can say that the current Celtic magic has very much in common with the magic Wicca since in both cases the Earth and the nature are a devotion object.

Also, the practitioners usually focus in a lot of curative properties of plants, stones and in the use of the energy flows originated from the ground in addition to the lakes, the rivers, the rocky formations and the trees. But in the Celtic magic, the principal devotion objects are: the Big Mother, The Mother and the Warlike Goddesses who usually reflect an equality in the feminine and masculine pole. A practitioner of the Celtic magic usually prepares to use the magics of the plants and the grasses as also of the stones and the gems; it is important that he respects the powers of the elementary beings as this way also of each of the elements at the moment when they request his help; also it is important that quite practicing of the Celtic magic, it knows all the communication ways with the spirits of the ancient gods.

Theory, beginning and philosophy of the Celtic magic

magic - celta-magiaOne of the principal laws that applies to the Celtic magic is that all that that feigns to be impossible is possible, any time him of the respect that is deserved. It is important that any person that he decides to carry out some practice related to the Celtic magic develops and cultivates the spirituality since the same one represents a big help to manage to contact the spiritual world. The fundamental beginning of the Celtic magic is the balance entity them the spiritual and the supreme thing, the material thing and the physical thing since one depends entirely on other. The sorcerers or Celtic magicians must learn to handle four powers that represent very ancient certain norms of the beginning in this practice which consist of "knowing", "wanting", “to dare” and “remaining in silence”.

In the last case we must emphasize the fact that for any that one who practises Celtic magic the silence is very important since this avoids that those persons who feel curious and tend to do judgments on this type of practices. On the other hand, when the sorcerers of the Celtic magic need to support a certain balance, they are provided usually with these four powers that in turn, are related to four elements: the knowledge is related to the air; to dare with the water; wanting with the fire and to keep silence with the ground, although it is important to emphasize that according to the Celtic magic a fifth element exists: the spirit, since the same he lives inside all the beings and the objects.

The tradition that it marks to the Celtic magic is based principally on the respect and the knowledge of all the energies that correspond to the planet earth, the moon, the sun (those who represent the father and the mother of the Celtic magic) and of course the nature. Basically the Celtic magic to center so much his philosophy and his theories on the perfect harmony that must center on our planet and on all the beings who live in him.

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