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Classification of the magic


Manual of the white magic

Since well we know, the magic is divided in different classifications that as we said in previous articles in our place, the types of magic differ according to the intention with which they are practised, and in case of the white magic it is practised by charitable and disinterested ends, it is for it that one of the practices turns out to be ocultistas more accepted inside the group.

On the other hand, many people think that the conjuring is a form of white magic, since it does not turn out to be harmful with anybody, and on the contrary, it takes the entertainment of the persons as a purpose. If we see to the white magic from a rational point of view, it is possible to be said that the same one shuts everything up those that he is in charge of altering, in a considerable way, the reality without we c understand completely the reason of this change.

For example, for a person who has lived three centuries ago behind, quite what surrounds us at present and what serves for good, would be a work of the white magic, really for this reason it is never possible to explain with certainty of which the white magic talks each other specially. Now then, when we speak about the white magic of the stories of fantasy then we must say that the faith is a fundamental tool since any time we believe in her, then we will be capable of realizing it. The white magic operates likewise the man does it when it is in the clean intention state.magic - blanca-bruja

Although it is important to emphasize that to manage to go so far as to be the interior state does not turn out to be an easy task, anyhow, if we propose it, we will be able to come to this state, everything is a will question. The rites that are realized in the white magic are usually carried out with the absolute humility state since the same one has his root in the good intentions, for it the person who practises it must be clean of ambition, egoism or rancor, and although the effects of the white magic are slightly slow, they are much more lasting than the correspondents to other types of magic. Bearing in mind the characteristics of the white magic, it is important to emphasize that the persons who should decide to practise it must take a completely different way, since as we said previously, to achieve that the practice of the rituals is really effective the practitioner must undress any thought or negative feeling. Basically we can see to the white magic so much like a practice as also, how a form of life, also, the well realized magic can transform in a very useful tool in those moments that there present to us adversities that are beyond our control.

Recommendations about the charm of white magic

Although many experienced people usually come to the white magic in case of some problem, it is always better that the common sense and the knowledge are applied first, since although the white magic is a beneficent type of magic, it is very easy to fall down in the habit of practising rituals for every small obstacle that appears before us, or for every caprice that we want to satisfy, but it is here where the white magic can become harmful, since this type of excess can lead us to losing contact with the reality. The most important thing is to know when it is the moment adapted to realize some ritual and when it it is not.

magic - blanca-velasFor example, if you realize some ritual of white magic with the hope that his business prospers, and he hopes that the results should happen it will not be of big help, on the contrary, it might go so far as to bring some type of consequence, for it the ends that are chased practising the white magic must be absolutely pure in addition to that we must be ready to do everything what is necessary to support to the ritual of the white magic, since it does not serve of anything to realize it and to wait for the results.

Finally we want to stand out the fact that the white magic possesses a completely symbolic root and everything what we do with her possesses multiple meanings. His efficacy is going to depend only and exclusively of our comprehension towards his methods, elements and resources since if we do not understand what we are doing, the rituals lose important part of his meaning. The white magic can already be understood be academic or rational, although we must bear in mind that the piled up knowledge is not going to guarantee that we can use it if first we do not do an interior work.

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