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To understand the reading I-Ching

For ages it was said that the book interpretation i-ching is not for anything an easy task, and rarely all his knowledge is revealed in a literal way, demanding of all the readership and some consultants a big effort to achieve comprehension that needs a text cuto understanding is for much on the words.

It is for this reason principally that there becomes inevitable a complementary book that helps us with the reading i-ching; also to we were allowing to achieve his interpretation in a simple and trustworthy way. It is important that we bear in mind that to understand the reading i-ching is fundamental to use the book, since many persons take it as a simple game and at the end of accounts the book loses his sense, for it everything what could help us to comprise the meaning of what he is saying to us, it is good. In the first instance it is a fundamental comprehension that in original target of the reading i-ching and his hexagramas constitute an investigation to the destination. The traditional method that is used to consult to the book is by means of a rod or, with yarrow stems, since and suna of the most symbolic forms for the reading iching.

Anyhow the method most used to consult this oracle is with the Chinese bronze coins, that there is characterized for poseen a hole squared in the way in addition to which one of his faces is written. So that we could understand how the reading is done i-ching we will say that, in case coins should be used to use the oracle, three of them must throw themselves simultaneously, and one of the throws represents a line. reading - iching-hombreThe dry season or cross of the currency symbolizes the yin, which costs for two while the face represents the Yang, which costs for three, for example: the coins are waved and they throw themselves simultaneously adding his respective numerical values, of which, the possibilities will be 6, 7, 8, 9.

Each of these throws corresponds to a line and in turn one of the hexagramas constructs from below up, and when the same one is obtained different mobile lines begin to be. Also there must be born in mind the words corresponding to the lines of duke Chou. Now then, since we know, the comprehension of the reading i-ching has a lot to do with the symbol Yin Yang, which represents to the symbolic image of the cyclical transformation for which the nature happens and also, the expression of the opposite poles; the yin yang s a symbol that contains the bases of the Chinese philosophy. Basically the meaning that can be given to this so emblematic symbol of the Chinese culture is that whenever in each of the parts a certain limit is reached, this one contains a small root of his opposite side, what it takes us to the conclusion that nothing is static in the universe and that the continuous life in constant transformation. From this idea it is where we must begin to understand the reading i ching since the multiple pairs combinations of opposite developed a complex archetype that it composes to the book i-ching.

Reading I-Ching: symbolisms and beginning

A little that will help us very much with the comprehension of the reading i-ching is that the same one considers the man to be a "microcosm", by what the same education can be applied so much to the man as to what it reduces of the universe. The reading i-ching composes for 64 hexagramas that must be considered to be compounds of two trigramas; the same ones must be considered to be to achieve the correct interpretation as the different aspects of the nature. As for 8 trigramas, these were developed like the image reflectora of what happened in the sky on the ground.

reading - iching-mujerThe above mentioned images obtained versatile expressions because they were acting in representation of some processes of the nature; also males were representing a family composed by a father, a mother, three children, and three daughters women, but not in a mythological sense as we can observe in the Greek Olympus, but more in an abstract sense in which the things but the actions should not be represented. The reading i ching correctly realized must cover these ochos symbols since they are the managers of basing to the book i-ching.

For his part, the hexagramas in the reading i-ching, represent images of the different universal situations, with his respective combinations between the celestial luminous force and the dark earthly one. Inside the hexagramas we obtain the possibility of modifying and of transforming the individual lines, in a such way that each of the symbols has the opportunity to transform in other, like raisin with the constant changes that we suffer to the length of our life. Finally we do not want to allow mentioning that the beginning that manage during the reading i-ching is those of the universe that is to say: the sky and the ground, the spirit and the matter. The ground represents to the derivatives by what the number 2 is awarded; the sky is the last unit that understands to the ground inside his, by it it is represented by the number 3; bearing in mind this basic conception, the rest of the numbers keeps on being awarded: odd to the celestial world and pairs to the earthly world.

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