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How is the reading of the tarot realized

The reading of the tarot is realized by means of 78 letters in whole, between which we can find three types of classification of the letters: 16 real letters, 22 victories and 40 signs. Between them there are also 22 major arcane ones of the tarot and 56 minor arcane ones of the tarot; in the latter case they are composed by 16 real or personal letters.

The 22 biggest arcane ones of the tarot symbolize the crossed situations and the internal states that allude to the deepest meanings at spiritual or personal level, this implies that basically what these drawings symbolize is related by them very much with the emotional states, the events and struggles for that we must cross the attitude that we possess opposite to they and our behavior in general. For his part 16 letters of tarot that represent the minor arcane ones of the tarot represent our relations, our features, talents, defects and flaws, and especially the way in which we are related to the others. It is important that we bear in mind that inside the divisions that are done in the tarot letters, the most important are the biggest arcane ones. This is due to the fact that the same ones are the result of the questions that we realize, and for his part, the minor arcane ones of the tarot the only thing that they do is to complete the principal idea given by the biggest arcane ones.

The biggest arcane ones

reading - tarot-imagenSo that we could know a little more about the reading of the tarot and of the biggest arcane ones we will mention them some for one: The Madman represents the madness, the senselessness and the extravagance, and in case it goes out inverted, his meaning is that of the doubt, the oversights and the problems caused by the absence of good sense. In the reading of the tarot the Magician represents the workmanship, the safety and the willpower, and inverted it symbolizes the bad use of our qualities, the vanity and the fear. The Priestess is the science and the education, while inverted it alludes to the ignorance and to the superficial knowledge; The Empress represents to the action of the creativity and to the fertility, but inverted means inaction for hesitation and the defeat.

The Emperor the symbol of power, reason and efficacy, and inverted it represents the immaturity; The Supreme Priest is one of the arcane ones biggest than that the reading of the tarot more qualities attribute to him since it represents the charity, the kindness and the excessive, and inverted amiability gives weakness indications in the person; if during a consultation the letter of The Lovers does not go out then the tarot letters will be indicating us that soon we will have a test that must be overcome, and the arrival of a new one love, while his equivalent invested alludes to all those situations that we do not overcome in the life, especially when cake of a lost love. The Car implies the victory on the hobbles that imposes the life on us, while if inverted it represents the defeat; The Force as the reading of the tarot is the spiritual power that we possess inside ours, while turned round physics alludes only by force. The Hermit represents to the precaution and to the spiritual progress, while his equivalent invested is the fear and the senseless acts; The Wheel of the fortune is one of the letters of tarot more wished by the consultants since it represents to the good luck and to the success, but his equivalent tendency to defect alludes to the bad luck and to the defeat; if during the reading of the tarot the letter of The Justice appears before us we must know that the same one represents to the balance that we have inside ours, but if it goes out for us of head probably mean that we have an important absence of balance to part of being intolerant and having tendency to the prejudices. The Hanging one is one of the more confused letters of tarot for those persons who do not know about the topic, but to the reality the fact is that it alludes to the knowledge and the sacrifice.

reading - tarot-mujerHis equivalent invested represents our egoism; The Death, also it is of the letters of tarot that more it confuses to the people. The same one means “change“ but invested, alludes to the stagnation; The Restraint means the moderation and the combination while if it goes out for us of head it is probable that we present situations in which there are interests conflicts. The Devil represents to the renaissance of the spirituality, anticipates a beneficial event, but if it goes out invested on the contrary, it is probable that we should wait for some situation harmful to us, in addition to representing the extreme materialism.

The Tower augurs the ruin, a possible catastrophe or the rupture of something, and invested the same means but in minor measured, that is to say that what is still to happen will be much less serious than we think; La Estrella alludes to a brilliant future and to the hope while inverted it alludes to the sterility and the loss of faith. The Moon is the trick and the secret enemies between the friends, and inverted it represents the same but in a minor scale; The Sun is the happiness and the satisfaction and the inverted sun also represents to the happiness and the satisfaction but in minor measurement; The Judgment is a renaissance symbol, while his opposite inverted one symbolizes the debts and impediments. The last one of the biggest arcane ones of the letters of taro is The Universe and the same one represents the guaranteed success or the achievement, his opposite inverse one means that a defeat this one surrounds in addition to the villains results provoked by the inertia. Finally we do not want to allow mentioning that the reading of the tarot is one of the skills of divination more used at present, because inside the esoterism more guessed right and effective methods are considered to be one of you.

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