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Interpretation and reading of runes

The runes reading is one of so many people methods of divination that are used at present and although there are many types of runes each of them has its own interpretation and reading.

The consultation to the runes has growing to massive steps and every time they are more the people who resorts to them to realize his consultations with regard to the worries that more it her torments, and it is important that we emphasize that the preference to this method of divination does not owe simply to his mythological symbolism but the quantity of tones that are in his meaning, in addition to the accuracy of his messages has a lot to do with this preference.

The divinatory tradition that it characterizes to the runes, uses these symbols worked on small rounded pieces of wood or also, on quartz stones avoiding any type of aggregation as it is the varnish, or the paintings since it is necessary that more possible natives see the runes. Now then, it is important to bear in mind that the rune reading can be carried out of form right or inverted, that is to say of head, and the reading that it involves to more than one rune they can become positive or negative according to the types of runes that are used, and it is important that we think that the meaning of the reading of rune can go so far as to change according to if the runes are positive or negative. reading - runas-tipos

Although the runes throw can be very varied, one of the most common it are those that are realized and five runes and in any type of throw, it is always suitable to support the consultation in the mind avoiding to realize the question in a direct way.

For example, before the person who carries out the throw realizes the runes reading, the consultant must center his mind on the question, and when the throw of runes of his fruits, as of that way they go out well-off, the runes reading will indicate us if the answer is positive or negative. On the other hand it is important to say that one of the possibilities of runes reading is to choose the form that more attracts attention of us since the perception plays a fundamental role in this divination method.

The reading of runes and his different types

The runes are typically northerly and the expansion of the same ones happened in the Celtic, Saxon and Scandinavian peoples, but in the last one we must say that his cultural, decorative and esthetic potential was quite poor and it is important to stand out the fact that the runes reading was carried out principally by the magicians and shamans of the civilizations of the north. On the other hand we must think that the runes reading is one of the magic instruments most known for being a not alone secrets bearer but also for generating power to the person who practises this divination skill. The runes symbolize an emanation of energy that can go so far as to wake up our senses and up to creating all kinds of new emotions. But in turn, the runes reading is represented by an oracle who was a part of all the rituals that the magicians usually used to discover the secrets that usually kept in the small northerly peoples.

reading - runas-runasNow then, the game is composed by 22 runes mothers who possess different types of interpretations, and it is important to remember that the meaning of the runes will depend entirely of that if the symbol this one to the right or the other way round; the beetling rune for his part will not indicate what type of energy governs the passed day and a correct runes reading will help us to determine the tendencies and the attitudes that will have to follow, having the opportunity to carry a prediction out on all those topics that can go so far as to happen.

Although it is used a very basic method is used for the reading of the runes, we must bear in mind that there exist several types of runes, from which we can emphasize the runes vikingas and the Celtic runes that are usually the runic oracles most consulted about the world, not only for the accuracy in his answers but also, the reading of runes of this type dates back to a lot of time, therefore the experience has made pronounced many simbologías and interpretations that it is possible to give to the same ones. On the other hand, the current tendencies that mark the reasons for which the people appeal the oracle of the runes to solve his existential doubts have led the modern fortune tellers to creating a new type of runes named runes of the love and this is due to the fact that precisely the consultations that most of the people realize it is for affectionate topics, already for being in love of a person who does not correspond to them or for knowledge as his relation will go in the future, the magic runes seem to be an excellent method to find out this type of things, but it is important that it is born in mind that due to the history that load, this method of divination he does not owe to lack the respect.

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