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How is realized the reading of the flock of the coffee

The reading of the flock of the flock coffee is considered to be an art inside all the methods of clairvoyance known in the world; the same one usually transmits from parents children together with all his symbolisms, but it is important that we bear in mind that so that it could be carried out, the person must have this sixth sense that is needed to be able to develop both the reading of the flock of the coffee and other types of mancia: the finished development of the extrasensory perception as most of the parapsicólogos affirm it.

Generally the reading of the flock of the coffee is much practised between the biggest people of Armenian origin, especially women, since they are who better know about the topic, since this art is based on the interpretation of the images that are forming with the coffee flock in the walls of the posillo from which it was tipsy.

There turns out to be important to emphasize that to be able to carry out the reading of the flock of the coffee correctly, it is not necessary to use any type of coffee, is usually used that one that newly was ground, since otherwise the flock would not form. But this is not the only requisite with which it is necessary to expire so that the reading of the flock of the coffee is correct; generally the process that must continue the coffee must begin for preparing it and then it to spill in the classic oriental coffee pots so that then to be served in the cup or bowl from which the consultant will drink.

reading - borra-cafe-mujerIt is important that the coffee is drunk of to very small gulps allowing it to rest since this way the rest of the flock will stay that manipulated of certain way, he will go adhering to the walls of the cup, and to achieve that the above mentioned adherence is correct, the best thing is to wait between approximately 10 to 15 minutes since after this period the figures that must be interpreted will form with many more definition.

Now then, in the interpretation that must be done during the reading of the flock of the coffee there exist two rules that must not be ignored; one of them is that the flock that an immediate or distant future is adherent to the walls of the bowl Indian, as if the same one is to the right or the left of the valuation; the second one alludes to the meaning that the formed figures possess.

Reading of the flock of the coffee, a millennial art

The reading of the flock of the coffee is a millennial art that begun to be practised in half an east, specially in Turkey, and Syria, two countries where today his practice is a thing of every day. Although the date is not known specially or the epoch in which this practice was developed, we can say that in America the reading of the flock of the coffee begun to be practised at the beginning of the XXth century, when the peoples of the countries previously mentioned began to emigrate towards the continent due to the quantity of war and conflicts that been endured usually in that epoch. At first the reading of the flock of the coffee was a private practice and you present yourself, that is to say that only the women of these countries were carrying out it between his people, but to a little time they began to use it as a way to gain money.

reading - borra-cafe-fotosA history exists that much known by most of the peoples of east that tells that the reading of the flock of the coffee originated from that, approximately 1.000 years ago one of the women of a sultan was possessing big clairvoyance powers and due to the quantity of time that was happening and this skill did not do at all development on having realized that the flock of the coffee allowed to see images after all the coffee was consumed, once discovered this, it began with this practice as entertainment together with the rest of the concubines.

After that the reading of the flock of the coffee began to spread to such a point that is said that in the trailers of the desert, the Bedouins in the night were sitting down about a bonfire to realize this which practice and knowledge there were the adventures that were waiting for them during his passages. The reading of the flock of the coffee is a secret that has being transmitted from generation to generation in a verbal way, it is for it that documents do not exist about the methods not of the exact origins of this practice. It is important to bear in mind that the field of action of the same one does not limit itself to the simple reading but one considers the fact that the reading of the flock of the coffee approaches much the sciences studied by the parapsychology, it is for it by that this form of mancia is considered much more than a simple oracle.

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