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What is the karma?

To answer the question: "What is the Karma?" we say that the same one is summed up in the cause and effect law: everything what we deliver, one is returned us of the same way; in the Bible one alludes to the karma with the famous phrase of “what you will harvest sowings”, with this we mean that there exists the bad karma as the good karma.

The only way of seeing the declaration of the karma is by means of the observation to the consequences of the acts of the persons in the time, bearing in mind the relation if the same, as with the others. So that we could understand much better of that it is a question we will say that etymologically the term “karma“ means “action“ in Sanskrit and the above mentioned action, be already a physics, emotional or mental is what produces the karmic effect. To understand and to assimilate what the karma is we must bear in mind that each of our acts committed in the present are a consequence of the past and a cause of the future and this way this parameter life keeps on being fulfilled after life until the soul manages to evolve completely.

Bearing this in mind we can say that the karma and the reincarnation go of the hand, since everything what we have done in our past life, and that it has not been paid in the same one, will be paid in this one. karma - templateAnd so, many persons who perhaps in this life are very good human beings, it they goes badly in all the projects that they tackle laboralmente or also in the personal relations; the most probable thing is that the behavior that this person has had in his previous life has something to do in spite of causing the sufferings that the same one is enduring (these are the typical situations to possess a bad karma), and if the human beings manage to be concientes about this, we can take to the karma like an excellent teacher of the life. Other one of the heredities who tells what the karma is says that we can receive there are the talents and the skills, often we possess some talent that we never learned to develop, and nevertheless this one inside us waiting to be put into practice.

The most common cases of this type of heredities of this good karma are those of the artists, especially the musicians and the painters; many of them turn out to be real prodigies in what they do and nevertheless they have never taken classes of what they can do, the explanation to this is that probably in another life, this type of talents has wanted to develop and they have not had the opportunity. Basically we can say that the karma is in the tireless struggle of the universal balance. To be able to manage to have a good karma in our next life, then we must restate our attitude in the current life; let's remember that everything what we should do today, tomorrow it will be a consequence.

The karma and the twin soul

The karma is something that has a lot to do with the twin soul of each of the persons who inhabit the planet, since the same one is the complement of every individual, and it is important to bear in mind that this does not mean absolute happiness, but the possibility of that, once they are realized “you connect interns”, we will be able to tackle along with another person an evolutionary way that allows us to advance both without none obstructing the way of other. According to the karma, the most probable thing is that between both persons there exists an infinite love and an enormous respect of the love and the confidence of other, but it is important to bear in mind the fact that the acople also can present all kinds of ruptures and misunderstandings, but what the law of the karma indicates it is that if it is true that both share a target together, the twin souls will always be ready to find the formula the way of the life to be still advanced together.

karma - almas-gemelasOn the other hand, it is important also to emphasize that often, in a certain point of the way, there can arise the situation in which it is considered to be a possibility of separation since this way the law of the karma needs it, and often this happens because the destinations of both persons fork, but the love and his memory will accompany them for the rest of the eternity since although the separation is even induced by the death, when it is a question of the twin soul we are speaking about a part of us ourselves, therefore it is impossible that one forgets other one and although this could sound ridiculous for many persons, this fact represents a universal law. Finally we cannot ignore the fact that there are persons who are thinking about recognizing to his twin soul in the first person who passes to them for forward, but it is not like that.

These persons are simply physical bodies and what we recognize in them is the energy that they detach, and precisely it is this energy the one that connects us with the spirit that we were connected in some life before to this one. For it we can say for example that the idea if we were slaves or kings in some previous existence, is not anything more that a projection of our mind him to manage to give tangible form to a simple vibration. The essential thing to recognize to our twin soul there is the unconditional love that has remained impregnated between the spirits of both persons and by means of which we recognize ourselves now.

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