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Advices to play the ouija

For many persons to play the ouija can turn out to be a new and interesting experience, although a little frightening while for others it can turn out to be a pastime, an entertainment and a diversion.

In both cases in important bearing in mind that although the ouija is not ruled by any specific regulation, it is necessary to continue a series of rules, or rather, recommendations, since as we have said, to play the ouija can turn out to be a dangerous experience if the persons who take part do not know how to handle any type of situation that appears before them. When we prepare to form a group of persons that the same ones are ready to play the ouija they must meet in some place that is silent, closed, and that possesses a tenuous lighting so that this way it is possible to focus the concentration in the game.

Many people use the lighting of one or more sails, which can give an excellent lighting, but the same ones can turn out to be dangerous in case some dark entity appears since the fire usually attracts them, and if there happens the occasion to experience a paranormal phenomenon, the above mentioned entities can use the fire in ours against, for it it is better not to use sails. On the other hand, many people do not know what is the number of persons who must play the ouija without disturbing the experience, and as they say that the persons who know the game say that up to 6 persons it is well. But it is never necessary to involve any more of this number of persons; it is not also suitable to play alone. The distribution of the players must be seated about the board and the best thing to be able to begin to play the ouija peacefully is to realize some type of exercise of group relaxation since it is necessary to obtain an abstraction of the mental environment that surrounds them and of course, always there must be a person who has experience in playing the ouija so that the same one directs the game.

How to play the ouija

to play - ouija-jugarWhen the participants feel ready they must place the index finger on the leader placed in the way of the board, but it is fundamental that none exercises any type of pressure. Someone must begin with the questions and they all must be with his concentration only focused in the leader hoping that the answer should be carried out by means of the movement of the leader. When this one begins to move with the board, it is important that all the participants continue the above mentioned movement if to offer no type of resistance, and that none releases it; remember that the leader will be forming the words letter for letter, for this reason often it is necessary to be very patient while it is played and especially to support the calmness during all the time that the leader is moving, as soon as the word was armed, the leader will return to his place. An important detail to be born in mind to play the ouija is the importance that has that the person guides be the one that opens the game, since us there will only be many other possibilities of receiving the presence of some entity but also, he will know how to contact her without her bothering.

Once the entity lends to play the ouija, other participants will be able to rise to him the questions that they wish, but it is important that the same ones are clear, concise and especially you cut, since they will wait for answers with the same characteristics, to the others this way we will obtain a level of important reply. to play - ouija-fantasmasIn case the entity not of no type of answer or sign, then the person guides it will have to take the reins of the game again and repeat the question that stayed without answering since if the entity passes to another topic it can take it as an absence of patience and bother.

If it happens that while the game is advancing, some of the participants is scared, he laughs or has some nervous unconscious reaction, it is necessary that very gently it cuts the contact with the leader, but on the other hand, in case this never affects the whole group it is necessary to cut abruptamente the collective participation since it is possible to produce some attack on the part of the entity. In case the first attempt of playing the ouija is frustrated, the most advisable thing is to wait at least 20 minutes to begin playing again, and it is important that in this second return, the energy load is much more powerful. On the other hand, a good idea so that the experience could be better studied, is to invite a person who does not take part straight of the game and is supported in a side filming, recording or noting down the questions and answers that are carried out.

Finally when the ouija has just staked it is necessary to reflect about the happened events but it is important that nobody gets obsessed with the obtained results since it is not good to fall down in the victim's role or neither nor to turn in superstitious fanatics of the game. After everything we must bear in mind that all the phenomena that take place on having played the ouija are a product of a psychic declaration caused by the phenomenon of psychomotor activity which process is a part of the modern experimental psychology.

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