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Angels, light beings

When we speak about Angels we are not referring to the generic name of the spirits of light that accompany us permanently; angel is meant by “Messenger“ and as account the history, they were created by God on the first day of the creation, what means that the Angels were created very much before the proper man.

It is said that the Angels are luminous beings who live for the whole universe, imperceptible to the human eye unless they want to be evident; they act like peoples guards, religions and countries and they are everywhere, accelerating the pulsation of his light energy so that they are not seen as well we were explaining newly. In the sacred books corresponding to several religions, it is said that there exist thousands of million Angels and that each and everyone of them are at our entire disposal, the only thing that it is necessary to do it is to get in touch with them.

On the other hand, we can say that the Angels split into three groups: the first one is that of the Celestial Advisers, which ones are the seraphs it is the highest hierarchy; the Cherubs; that they usually represent like Angels you drink; the Thrones that as it is said, are the spirits nearest to God. The second group of Angels is that of the celestial governors: the Domains are in charge of dominating the groups of Angels that are at a low level. The Virtues are those who project major divine energy and with whom we must get in touch whenever we need it.angels - arcangeles-angeles

The Powers there is the group of Angels in charge of the conservation of the collective history and the human conscience. The third and last group of Angels is divided between the Principalities, which are the peoples guards, religions and even of other groups of Angels, and the Archangels, who are those that they deal with carrying out the widest missions entrusted to the Angels. The angel is that one that is permanently in contact with the human beings at the disposal of them to guide them and to protect them; the principal one of them is the guardian angel. It is important to bear in mind that the Angels are light beings, therefore they do not have a definite physical form, but if they can adopt that one that more agrees for them if they must become visible, it even can take human form and be mixed between all of them to manage to expire with his assignments.

Archangels: protectors of the ground

The archangels are the protectors of the Earth and the human beings and they must entrust that there survive the ideals of a supreme good, having each of them, a task defined to grant a service, to guide, to defend and especially to protect all the persons, tried to prevent the humanity from falling down in the typical chaos that usually produces the ignorance, the unconsciousness and the absence of love and compassion. angels - arcangeles-arcangelesAlthough there are thousands of million archangels, some of more acquaintances are the archangel Miguel, who represents the justice and generally it is invoked by those persons who are in legal litigations.

Gabriel, who belongs to the archangels of the changes, and for es habitual his invocation in those situations where significant modifications must be realized in the life of a person. Samuel, is the archangel that they give courage, and the protector is considered opposite to danger situations, especially those that come from the fire; Rafael, is the protective archangel of the health and he is invoked by the persons who endure illnesses or serious ailments; Zadquiel is a part of the group of archangels entrusted to protect the victory by means of the competition: it represents the protective archangel of the sportsmen or candidates. The archangel Anael is the manager of the workmanship and the good taste, he protects the in love couples and the artists in all his declarations; finally, the archangel Cassiel belongs to the archangels entrusted to attenuate the karma of the humanity. The Archangels have the task of projecting his energy in a very wide panorama, acting on the persons and watching the nations, but in turn, the archangels deal with watching and helping all those individuals who are deserving of his help.

If we dare to invoke the energy that the archangels possess, we must know that they will be ready to attend to us and this way to manage to be you consent of the reality that surrounds us. Finally we want to point out that the angels represent a strong figure of the belief of the Judaism, Christianity and also of the Islam.

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