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Myths and rites

The rites are basically religious acts or ceremonies that are repeated invariably and expire with some strict norms as for tradition or custom.

The rites are usually the celebration that does to the myths, therefore, both terms to them they link straight. The rituals (since also there is called he) fulfill commonly a character much more symbolic than any other ceremony and the celebrations in general consist of holidays with solemn characteristics, always following the rules established by the tradition or the authority that carries out the celebration of the rituals. Anyhow it is important to emphasize the fact that the rites have always been related to the magic practices and ocultistas that up to today, they are very popular in some regions of ours of planet, especially in those regions that keep on being very tribal. In this sense then we will define to the rites like a magic practice which end is of obtaining some interest.

rites - ceremoniesIn practice of the rites it is necessary to mobilize all the energy corresponding to the persons who are taking part of the same one to direct it exactly to what wants to be obtained. By means of these celebrations there can go so far as to be achieved a transformation of the daily reality, since during the same ones it is played very much with the power of our mind and in general, when they are carried out, it is necessary to rely on with some certain elements that can turn out to be very useful to achieve the concentration of the taking part individuals, since if one does not manage to enter the certain situation state, it is possible that the ritual does not have the effect for that one waits.

According to the rites and the customs that are celebrated, some of the elements commonly used are, for example, extracts, incenses, perfumes, oils, dust or grains or up to sails and symbols, and it is important to bear in mind that the managers are the election of the elements of marking the difference between a ritual and other. If we go deep a little into the elements that are used, then we can say that in case it should be a question of a ritual with sails, these possess an important double: on the one hand they symbolize the light and the elevation the spiritual thing, and on the other hand, each of the colors with those who are usually done, possess different meanings, and the same ones must be used according to which be the target chased with the ritual. In case of the symbols or the images, the same ones are usually used like an union tie as for the rest of the elements. The symbolic load that the above mentioned elements possess is fundamental at the time of concentrate in the rites, because the powers and the forces that represent them it will be what helps the individuals to achieve the wished change. Now then, in several religions, the rites or rituals can be developed by any person faithful to the belief, while in others, it is necessary that who carries out the above mentioned celebrations is some authority of the above mentioned creed. This is the most important difference that we can emphasize between the individualistic religions, and the community and ecclesiastic religions in which the ritual of the mass is informed by a priest.

Types of rituals

rites - placesThere exist many types of rituals, between which there are some of them that are carried out based on some belief or conviction and others simply through habit or tradition; between them we can name to the rituals of purification, which principal element is the water since it is supposed, has to expire with the task of cleaning the man of his impurities and they make them worthy and deserving of the divinity; the rituals of step, which usually develop in certain moments of the life of a person as it can be the marriage, the death, a birth, etc.

Another type of rituals is those of beginning, which are usually related to the introduction of a person to the practices ocultistas or magic; rituals of atonement, which are carried out in order to be excused by some supreme deity; rituals of commemoration, where you remember facts or events that can have been positive or negative. Other types of rites that although they are very well-known, are quite unpopular are the rituals of exorcism, which end is of removing to some demon or bad spirit of a person, and the blood rituals, which are related straight to a gift, a human or animal sacrifice, in exchange for some favor or some personal interest. In the latter case, it is a rite much used in the religious ones of occultism satanista.

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