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The occultism can consider to be a study that describes the beliefs about the “another world” mysterious that so much watches the mind of the persons and also all the means that have tried to have some type of contact with him.

Anyhow it is important to emphasize that most of the beliefs with which the occultism is supported, have gone change according to the epochs and the cultures, since in the first case, the advance that has suffered the science has collaborated very much with the investigations and studies about the topic. On the other hand, the occultism as “pseudo-science“ has focused in the attempt of predicting, of preparing or of producing events, but not in explaining them. In the historical frame that shuts the occultism up, for the persons who have dedicated his life to the study of the same one, there exists a supernatural dimension in which they inhabit different types of gods and demons to which it assumes influences on different aspects of our dimension.

Most of the men believed in the antiquity that his survival was depending entirely on the powers that these beings had, and it is important to bear in mind that one of the most important props that it supports to the occultism is the belief in the life after the death and the presence of spirits in our plane. occultism - templateOn the other hand, the occultism recognizes the power of the suggestion (or autosuggestion), and based on this, many Persian priests called "Magi" created different types of ritual symbols with the target to achieve the absolute concentration of the mind; in the XIVth century and due to the use of the above mentioned ritual symbols, many pagan, studious cults of the occultism, they were much chased and condemned for the Christianity.

But also big part of this culture survived the political and religious pursuits, which were so appellants in the epoch of the Inquisition. Another important factor to be emphasized, is that the occultism in the ancient epoch, was treating more of folkloric histories of small conservative peoples, which of another thing; the histories on witches flying in brooms and with the skill of turning the men into animals, she was one of the favorites of the epoch, in fact, this was what initiated the famous Hunting of witches and the fire of the same ones in bonfires, opposite to the whole people. The persons capable of wolves turning into man, vampires and the demons were part of the mythology ocultista dark, as well as also the histories on elves, fairies, poltergeists and the elementary others.

The occultism at present

occultism - imageThe occultism keeps on being a topic taboo at present: it is present but it is preferable not to speak about it, in fact, the Christian religions they take to the occultism God as an affront since one believes that the occultism violates the first order; also the fanatics of the Christianity make sure that both the practice and the study on this one serves to the Lucifer kingdom. Anyhow it is important to emphasize that they are a lot of more people who is predisposed and opened to listen to the theory and the beliefs that the practitioners ocultistas students. Saying this we must know that between the practices of the occultism there are the satanism, the magic (in all his expressions), the spiritualism, the teosofía, the witchcraft, and the divination.

Although there exist very much groups of occultism that are formed by student and practitioners of the topic, detail one that we must have in consideration is that the current occultism is much more continued by adolescents that for adults, and most of the persons make sure that this provokes destructive and violent behaviors in the adolescents. It is known that at present, any person has easy access to all this type of information, and in case of the adolescents a risk can represent as in the context that the young man begins to interfere with the occultism.

We say this because as well as there are many adolescents who read on occultism for an interest question, many others have allowed to themselves to influence negatively for the same one, realizing really aberrant acts like tortures, murders, violations and in some cases they have come to the suicide. For these reasons it is fundamental that everything related to the occultism, especially the darkest part that understands, is taken carefully, since on the other hand, the occultism can turn out to be a very interesting study if simply it talks each other like what it is: a matter that comprises the darkest part of the human history.

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