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What is the spiritualism?

The spiritualism is a doctrine which origin is French that was developed like a philosophy in the middle of the XIXth century and is important to emphasize that the same one is based principally on the books written by the pedantic pedagogue Allan Kardek.

The word “spiritualism“ alludes to a system for the study of the spirits that the proper Kardek was in charge of establishing the above mentioned term in his titled book “I free of the spirits”. The spiritualism devotes itself to the study of the nature, the future and the origin of the spirits and the relation that they support with the world or material plane. The principal base of the spiritualistic doctrine is logically the belief in the spiritual life or the life after the death. The spiritualism indicates that the spirit is eternal and is evolving by means of a series of embodiments, having the possibility of learning and of developing different potentials.

On the other hand, the spiritualistic philosophy makes sure that there exist other worlds that are inhabited in the universe, of which, some of them are much more moved forward in technical and spiritual aspects that the Earth and others it are less. The spiritualism had his origin in the antiquity, when one believed that it was possible to communicate with deceased persons; in Greece for example, it was assumed the spirits of the dead persons to live in the Hades and it was perfectly possible to contact them by means of certain rituals of magic. spiritualism - cemeteryIn fact, we can quote an example as that of Homero, who in the Odyssey reports how he gains access to the Hades and across a magic ritual he manages to speak with the spirit of his father and of his partners died in Troy. Of the same form, the original shamans of the peoples of Asia and Oceania, support that they possess the aptitude to communicate with the spirits of deceased persons.

During the middle age there was supported a belief regarding the spiritualism, which he was saying that the spirits were returning regularly to the world of the alive ones, and the above mentioned belief began to expand in the urban bogeys legends, in fact, William Shakespeare in many of his works refers to this theory; for example, in Hamlet, the protagonist is visited by the bogey of his dead father, but anyhow it is important that it is born in mind that histories as this one do not represent any steadfastness of which really a practice existed to establish contact with other spirits, since this type of history can be taken simply as a story influenced by urban legends. In the XIXth century, in North America, a very strong practices tendency began for the contact with the dead persons and then, the same ones, they began to expand to the rest of the world. In fact, in the year 1848, Hydesville (New York) brought the first verified case of a phenomenon Poltergeist.

The spiritualism and his philosophy

spiritualism - babyThe philosophy corresponding to the spiritualism, raises a dialogue between three classic forms of the philosophical, religious and scientific knowledge to be able to reach the deep knowledge of the reality. The spiritualism insists that the religions do not possess the aptitude to improve morally the men because it is a question of a fallible institution, precisely product of the proper human fallibility; for his part the science due to the strong evolution that it has presented frequently contributes with the credibility of the people who devotes herself to the study of the spiritualism.

Although the spiritualism was a study ignored and pushed back for the long time, as the years happened, many persons began to be interested by him, seeing it like a logical explanation to the reality, and thousands of societies dedicated to the spiritualism were created about the world, and in many countries one has managed to integrate to the spiritualism as it departs from the university program of studies of the career of philosophy and letters and science; one of them is Spain. On the other hand it is important to emphasize that there exist several types of spiritualism that belong to different schools of spiritualistic philosophy, but because of Allan Kardek the promoter of this doctrine, all other focus in this one herself. Anyway we can say that one of the types of spiritualism that more is used especially in Latin America is that of Boy Xavier, a Brazilian Psychic who was in charge of teaching this doctrine in many countries of the world.

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