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When we speak about clairvoyance we refer to the faculty to possess knowledge of the future of way parapsiquica, be already this one immediately or not.

Generally the clairvoyance is named a clairvoyance, but this term is not considered to be exact. What they say these persons who have the developed clairvoyance make sure that the information comes to them by means of psychic, mental river beds and then, the received massage, the clairvoyance is translated and expressed by the clairvoyant, for this reason, it is named a psi-gamma. The clairvoyance qualifies in two complementary parts; on the one hand we can distinguish the clairvoyance as for the space / time that refers specifically to the message, the same one can correspond to the past, and is named "retrocognicion"; to present “Clairvoyance“ and to the future “Precognition“, anyhow in all these cases the faculty is the same. Many people wonder: "How to develop the clairvoyance?", we say to these persons that we all have the aptitude to develop it but it to manage to do in a positive way it is needed a big effort.

We say this because there are two types of clairvoyance and one of them is precisely in the positive clairvoyance, she is that volunteer, where the individual is qualified to will; this type of clairvoyance generally develops having a pure service life and it is important that when the person has developed his clairvoyance capacity, it is trained correctly as for the use of his power. clairvoyance - bola-de-cristalIn case of negative clairvoyance, we can say that the same one is involuntary and presents before itself when visions of internal worlds appear before the person without having control on the vision. Needless to say that to develop involuntarily this type of clairvoyance can be very dangerous since the person that the esta receiving remains exposed to the possession of entities that as we know, can affect seriously not only the health of the person but also his life completely.

There exist in the brain two small organs named the pineal gland and the pituitary body, and up to the actuality, the science has not done too many advances as for the investigation of the functions that the above mentioned organs must fulfill. The pineal gland would come to be what we all know as the third eye. It is important that we consider this since both organs are not atrophied and in degeneration as many scientists assure, simply they are slept. In the antiquity, the men were connected by these organs, being the same the average perception only one, but at present most of the persons possess these completely asleep centers and precisely this factor is the one that more it makes difficult to the development of the positive clairvoyance. As for the denial, his development is much easier since it depends entirely on the level of activity that these centers possess.

How to develop the clairvoyance?

clairvoyance - woman When we try to answer to the question "how to develop the clairvoyance" we say that the first thing, to develop, the third eye must be, and so that the same one should work three chakras Superiors must be completely loaded by spiritual energy of triple nature that flows from the soul up to the aura. The above mentioned energies come from three different, spiritual planes, named You Run, Buddhi, Atma and precisely it is them who entrust themselves of energetizar the pineal and pituitary gland. Anyhow we must bear in mind that to achieve the opening of the third eye is not a simple task since the components of this one represent to the same materials with which it is necessary to look for the above mentioned opening.

Since well we have explained, the third eye represents an energy center when it is a question of developing the clairvoyance and it produces the entry and the exit of the above mentioned energy; to be able to activate it and this way be able to develop the clairvoyance capacity it is necessary: a change in the personality; to construct the Antakarana (a bridge that allows the step of the energy); to direct all the energies towards three chakras Superiors; to reconstruct the aura; to commit itself with a spiritual development and once successfully this, the third eye will begin to develop gradually until we could control completely this new faculty. It is so we answer the question "How to develop the clairvoyance" of manrea rapid and concise.

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