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Typical of the horoscopes

If we look for a definition to be able to understand to that they refer when one speaks about the horoscopes, the most classic would say that one treats diagrams representative of some specific moment in the time bearing in mind the position of the planets and other celestial bodies.

We might say that the moment that more is used for the making of the horoscopes it is the birth of a person, and what it is looked by this it is to determine the position in which there were the sun, the moon and the stars during the above mentioned birth. Bearing this in mind, the horoscopes would be very similar à la carte astral or native letter, but in contrast to this one, the popular meaning of the horoscopes is related straight to the interpretation that the astrologers usually give of these diagrams.

Without going further, we can realize the popularity that the horoscopes possess if we read any newspaper or magazine; it is common to find entire columns dedicated to the topic, where there is detailed the influence that it will have the day or the month from each of the signs corresponding to the zodiac, always bearing in mind the position of the celestial bodies previously mentioned. For his part, the persons who are expert in the horoscopes, always prefer to realize the interpretation of the same ones, or the reading of the astral letter in a more personalized way, since as well they say, it is practically impossible to generalize the readings of the horoscopes and the native letters for all the persons.horoscopes - horoscopes

There are great the types of horoscopes with which we will be able to cross since practically most of the cultures possess their own way of interpreting the influence of the stars on the persons, for this reason the fact is that, for example, the western horoscope has his base in 12 zodiacal signs, and the Chinese horoscope in animals, but it is important to bear in mind that in spite of his differences, both base on twelve annual aspects. The horoscopes, they began to develop immediately after the emergence of the astrology, and as well we mention previously, it developed in diverse cultures, simultaneously. For example, the Babylonian ones, began to practise the astrology more than 5000 years ago, while For his part, the Chinese, 4.000 years ago. Of the same way the Hindu culture, also it developed this discipline. All these cultures and civilizations began studying the astrology, like a way of measurement for the time, especially to achieve a promotion in the harvests, and also, the studies about the astrology, they were dedicated largely to establish the influence that the stars had in the life and the personality of every individual, departing from the base of his date of birth.

Origins of the horoscopes

It is very difficult to determine what the origin of the horoscopes was but if we can to say that the same ones depend entirely on the astrology, and based on the beginning of the study of the astrology the horoscopes began to develop. The astrology basically talks each other of a system of beliefs that well interpreted can help us to foresee the future and the characteristics of some person by means of the relative calculations of the position of the planets the day that this one was born. On the other hand it is important not to confuse Astrology with Astronomy since in the second case it is a question of a science that is in charge of studying systematically all the stars.

horoscopes - signsAccording to the astrology the origin of the horoscopes is the following one: the sky was divided in 88 constellations (a constellation is a set of stars that can turn from the ground) that form different figures, be already objects, animals or personages. Of these 88 constellations there are 12 who share the characteristic together from which the Sun goes on to turn they once a year during a certain epoch; when a person is born and the sun is in some of the above mentioned constellations, then this will be what determines the signs that correspond to him.

Now then, the personal characteristics that there will have this person, that they are attributed to him to the horoscopes, they come in turn from the characteristics of the object or the animal that forms the above mentioned constellation. On the other hand there exists the only variable that acts on the horoscopes that do not refer to the signs in specific since they take control of 6 planets together with the moon and the sun; what we try to say with this is that this variable is slightly more complicated to be studied but we can say that it is a question of the relative passions of each of the planets, and the positions of the same ones as for those sectors named you marry, that are precisely those who determine the success, the owner the health etc., which they usually predict in the most common horoscopes.

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