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The tarot, a method of divination

The tarot is a maso of letters who generally is used like way of divination of the past, present and future facts, for what can say to itself that the tarot would be a cartomancy species.

The origins of this skill of divination date of the XIVth century, auque several persons make sure that it is much more ancient, there are neither documents nor tests that state it. Tarot maso is composed by 78 letters that split in Arcane major (22 letters) and Arcane minors (56 letters); they receive this name since the word “Arcane“ comes from the Latin Arcanum and means “secret“ or “mystery“. In case of the arcane minors we must emphasize that these 56 letters are divided into four sticks: oros, pack-saddles, swords and glasses, as the Spanish letters card but logically with a light change: the letters are numbered of the Expert (1) to ten, together with the knave, the queen, the king and the gentleman.

The entire number of letters is 78 for Etteila, which was a French ocultista that began to popularize the divination by means of the Tarot cards, it discovered that the number 78 is the sum teosófica of the first twelve numbers, that is to say: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12=78. tarot - elementThe design of the letters of tarot is quite varied, nevertheless some considered outstanding figures exist as it is the Tarot of Marseilles that in turn, it has been a guide for the making of the figures of the tarot and his respective simbologías, although one of the most popular cards is the Book of Thoth, a tarot that was designed between the year 1938 and 1942 by an English magician called Aleister Crowley and realized by his disciple Frieda Harris.

This maso went on sale in the black and white year 1944 together with the book of Thoth, where there is explained the way in which each of the letters must be interpreted and as they must be used. The version in colors (with the original colors of the design) was edited in the year 1977 and it is one of the cards of tarot more used at present. The tarot constitutes one of the methods of divination more used in the societies more you develop, usually in the shape of personal consultations and up to phone companhies doing of the Tarot a big business. In fact, in Spain, all the recounted to the esoterism handles hundreds of million euros a year, representing one of the most important business in this country, and the tarot in this context is the most visible and commercial element that exists.

Types of tarot

There are different the types of tarot with which there usually manage the persons who devote themselves to the esoterism and to the divination for this way, and each of them has its own methods; for example, on the one hand we have the tarot of the angels, which as they say who know of the topic, was the first cartomancy used by the man. The tarot of the angels, as to the regular tarot, is provided with 78 letters, each one with a different symbol and a meaning. Each of the details corresponding to the Tarot cards of the Angels, they are thought so that it should act in our unconscious one.

tarot - letterSince one believes that thus the Angels are contacted with the mental polarities of every person and manage to join to all the daily events. For his part the Egyptian tarot is a discipline that it has more than 15.000 years and it is said that this type of mancia was delivered by the Egyptian God Thot. What with the time was known as “a Tarot“, was discovered in the sacred book of the ancient Egyptians since on the same one there was concentrating the whole knowledge that helps to be prepared for those difficult circumstances in that the life puts us.

Other of the types of tarot that are used often is the gypsy tarot he is inspired in the tarot of Marseilles and it is a question of a card of 78 letters where the biggest arcane ones are 22 and the minors 56. In case of the arcane minors we must say that they split into 4 sticks (pack-saddle, sword, gold, glass) with 14 letters in each of them; the same ones represent different planes of the psychic and physical ambience. It is important to bear in mind that the fact that there exist different types of tarot that belong to different cultures or different aspects, it does not mean that anyone is more effective than other; simply they talk each other of different methods to come to the same end.

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