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Fortune, luck and hazard

The fortune is very similar to the luck, with the difference that always to have fortune is interpreted by the positive side.

When a person has fortune or is lucky in some ambience of his life, we are referring that is fine very much, but: Where from does the word come?, the truth is that the history of the fortune has his place in the Roman mythology, where the goddess of the luck was considered. The symbol with which this goddess was represented was with a wheel with which it was alluding at random (from there the name of the famous game “wheel of the fortune”). This Roman Goddess was always considered to be a positive deity as for his influence on the things although also it had his negative side that was called a Fortune Dubia, which means Doubtful Fortune. Another name that was given to the goddess Fortuna was that of Annonaria, and although a canonical genealogy is not known or mythical considered age the daughter of Jupiter. The Roman goddess Fortune is the equivalent to the Greek Goddess Tyké.

fortune - amuletNow well if we speak about the fortune that we all know and that we all long to have in every ambience of our life, we must say that the same one is tied straight at random. First of all we must bear in mind that everything happens for a reason, be already material or immaterial reasons but the hazard contradicts this rule. From the existence of the man, the same one it has always faced complicated situations where everything unknown turns into a challenge. Along the history of the humanity, many cultures have tried to decipher what the hazard is and of what way it is related to the fortune since the same one does not urinate not n the philosophy not either in the theology.

In fact when we speak about hazard the first thing that occurs to us there are the famous games that in excess, can turn out to be very dangerous for the health of the persons; but since well we know, it is necessary to be very lucky to manage to be right in these games. But anyhow, it is important that we bear in mind that the fortune is simply an abstract idea that helps us to become convinced of that we possess this grace touch so that we are fine very much, not only in the gambling games, but in the different aspects of our life. Anyhow it is important that we do not confuse the fortune with the hazard, since these are two elements that work together, but his meaning is not the same. The fortune also there is related to the luck, in fact, a person who has fortune or is lucky, very is lucky, as if a person is unfortunate his luck is bad.

The fortune in our life

fortune - moneyAlthough it is possible to believe that the fortune is simply a coincidence it is important that we bear in mind that this is not so like that. To have fortune is basically an individual power since it is created from one himself: he is born in our thoughts to be projected in our actions, for what we must understand that those persons who are accompanied by the fortune are not special beings not magic, simply it is a question of persons who have put many overcoming desire in each of the activities that they have tackled.

A lucky person does not hope put to bed in the bed that the fortune him rains, on the contrary the "lucky ones" work very hard to achieve that they are fine in each of the ambiences of his life. So that the fortune accompanies us, the first thing that we must consider is a mental change; the mind must be always positive and with the determination to focus only in those steps that we will have to give to reach our wished targets. For example, if we label a person like “lucky“ for having obtained an ideal work, then we must bear in mind that the above mentioned fortune is due to the fact that the person has prepared herself for this work; the same happens with the persons who had fortune on having found a couple that complements itself with them. To have fortune is not a question of magic of doing witchcrafts, the fortune is an award to the effort that has put itself in each of ambiences of our life, for it it is necessary that if the fortune is wished in some daily aspect, the same one must be looked and chased by work and dedication.

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