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Charm and conjurations

Many people try to raise a difference between the conjurations and the charm, but the reality is that both allude to the same; there are acts of magic which pretension is that of producing some effect on the reality across supernatural considered procedures that possess a ritual character, anyhow, if we want to do a difference, frequently the conjuration is the recitation or the invocation that is realized while a charm is carried out.

In case the target of the conjurations is of foreseeing the future, then we will name it “an enchantment“ and when what loves is to commit the will of other one you present yourself, then it is called “an enchantment“. The conjurations are substantial components of several pagan religions, and in turn, they form parts of many monotheistic religions, like the Islam, while in many others like the Christianity, his practice is explicitly prohibited.

The conjurations come from the magic beliefs corresponding to the neolithic one and it has being practised since then, frequently in an open way and in many it conceals others; for example, in the pagan societies, it was very common that official acts are realized and in mass, which they were promoted by the authorities of the same ones. We must emphasize that one of the practices of conjurations that is documented in numerous historical sources, and it even at present even survives it is the religion chamánica or vuduista. On the other hand and as good tells us the history, the conjurations invocation has been hard condemned under the witchcraft accusation, especially in those nations where the Christianity was the religion imposed by the State.

conjurations - witchesAnyhow in the time current, the practice of conjurations or charm is considered juridically under the cover corresponding to the freedom of beliefs that in turn is protected like fundamental right by most of the democratic legislations, and although this should not prevent the pursuit to the swindles that are usually committed by those persons who make call grasps the same "sorcerers" and “witches“, being based on the credulity or the desire and the need for faith and belief, which many persons possess. Basically the conjurations consist of a symbolic representation corresponding to the effect that thinks about how to be obtained by means of the invocation of some deity. Originally, and in many aspects of the popular culture, to realize conjurations or charm talks each other simply of an instantaneous act without a common form; in fact, supposedly a person can realize a conjuration of an involuntary way, like for example the malefice.

The conjurations and his rituals

Alluding to the developed pagan beliefs, the conjurations, already be this of magic, of love, of passion or realized by material and personal interests, they have acquired and supported a general structure: the preparation where they get ready of the necessary places and the elements together with the persons who will be part of the charm; the opening is the one that initiates the ritual, creating a luck of “magic ambience” adapted, producing in turn a communion effect between the persons who are taking part of the charm.

conjurations - placesThe invocation is where it is asked him, she begs or the cooperation of his forces demands from a supernatural entity or deity, since these will be the managers of specifying and materializing the effects of the charm; the execution realizes those magic acts that stand out for being rather ritual acts that they represent to the heart of the charm and precisely this is the action that tries to modify the course of the reality by means of the invocation and dedication of the supernatural entities that will interfere in the conjurations; the sacrifice is what he usually offer to the supernatural entities in gift for his collaboration.

This one can be tangible or symbolic and in cases of practices of black conjurations, generally they are carried out for the purpose of gaining a favor on the part of the entities. The final stage of the conjurations and the charm is the closing, where one gives him solemnity to the closing ceremony of the practice and where magic ambience created in the beginning one must dissolve everything this. We must emphasize that if we consider all these elements as ritual one can distinguish the parallelism that exists between realizing conjurations and the structure of the monotheistic religions; a very appropriate example is that of the Christian mass.

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