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History of the magic

The word “Magic“ is a derivation of the term Magi that was one of the elements incorporated by the magicians who were exercising these practices in the ancient Babylonia.

Anyhow, it is important to emphasize that in the antiquity magicians existed in Rome, Greece and in most of the western and oriental world, but in this epoch, the magic was turning out to be more linked to rites of fertility and beginning in the knowledge of the barbarian peoples especially in the Celtic peoples. When they ask us: "What is the magic?" we say that this one together with the sorcery there are two practices that have been linked for ages with the beliefs of the different ancient oriental peoples, where the magician or the Shaman were considered sanadores and expert in the world in the spirits and it was fulfilling a fundamental role in the community.

On the other hand, in the Greece and ancient Rome, those persons that fortune tellers were making call together with those who were practising magic although not at all they had to do with the priests, were consulted permanently due to the powers with those that one believed, that were provided. magic - templateBut it was newly in the medieval epoch where the magic begun to be seen from a much more concrete point since it began being related to the alchemy and the astrology, two activities that in that one then were considered on the part of the catholic church how you conceal and demoniacal, and as well we know, all those persons who were devoting themselves to the magic practice were chased, especially during the low middle age and the modern age.

One believes that at least 500.000 persons were sued for 5 centuries, and the majority they turned out to be executed both by religious and civil courts under the accusation of realizing witchcraft because they never knew what the magic is, but it is important to emphasize that really many of these persons, they were condemned for political pursuits and in many other cases for tax debts. None of the principal religions accepts the magic practice and as soon as the Judeo-Christian religion especially, it is said that negative references have been in the ancient and new testament, with regard to the magicians. Nowadays it is the Anthropology who discerns between the magic and the religion and in case of the first one, it places it in a plane parallel to the evolution of the religions. On the other hand, the interrelation of the ancient myths as for the different cultures, his similarities and link with the religions animists, where the magic was occupying a fundamental role were studied and analyzed by an anthropologist Ingles called James George Frazer in his work “The Golden Branch”, and also they had an important consideration on the part of the medical psychiatrist Carl Jung who was the person in charge of developing the theory of the unconscious group. Another important point of bearing in mind is that the inscrutability influenced to a great extent the thought of the renaissance, and the same one is related usually in several ambiences, with the maintenance of very ancient beliefs that, as the magic, were leading to the knowledge and to the handling of most of the spiritual laws belonging to the universe.

The magic, a convicted practice

magic - magicianAs well we said that the magic has been chased untiringly to the length of the history, both for social and religious currents, but at present, it keeps on being a very common practice in many developed and underdeveloped societies that although it still keeps on being a practice condemned for some sectors, already does not go over to the point of leading this person to a public execution. It is possible to be said that the only branch of the magic that has not been condemned (not that at present) is the classic magic of the illusionist, since in this sense, it is considered that it is a question of a healthy entertainment, and not of secret practices that it has to do with demons and dark forces.

Now then, if we want to answer the question: "what is the magic?", it is important that we bear in mind that it is a question of something very complex to explain since there must be analyzed all the evolutions that the same one has had along the history, also we must consider all the types and the classes of magic that exist. But it is possible to be said that the magic is the set of doctrines and practices founded based on the theory that us points out that the universe is composed by a certain number of similar kingdoms that possess certain elements respectively corresponding one to one. Perhaps be able to turn out to be a very little orthodox definition but the reality is that in thought like the only definition for those persons that they practise magic.

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