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Bogeys images: resisted and questioned

The images of bogeys received in photos or videos were always questioned by the scientific community and most of the persons, which is something very understandable bearing in mind that presently 80 % of the images of bogeys is altered by different programs for computer.

Bearing in mind that specializing studies deserve the paranormal phenomena, generally the bogeys images are usually carefully analyzed by experts, and this way one manages to determine which are those real images and which not. On the other hand, also we must say that when it is a question of videos, in this case it is very complicated to receive to a bogey, since generally the bogeys images take place from that the energy radiated by the entity remains captured of the negative of the roll of the photo. For it also it is much more difficult to receive a photo of this type, in a digital camera, this indicates that it is more common that in video we could receive some type of paranormal activity as the poltergeist.

On the other hand it is important to stand out the fact that other of the most common phenomena that leaves photos to itself is the appearance of ectoplasm generally produced in spiritualistic meetings; since well we know, the ectoplasm declaration can go so far as to create different types of forms and bodies. images - fantasmas-photoThat's why, we might go so far as to believe that in this case we are before the presence of images of bogeys, nevertheless, nowadays it is very difficult to find a photo of the activity Costa Rican ectoplasm, and even one believes that the images taken in a little more ancient epochs, simply talk each other of coarse assemblies that were making use of the absence of local lighting where the spiritualistic meeting was carried out.

Other one of the reasons for which it is difficult to determine the veracity of the images of bogeys in photos is because in general the same ones are very blurry and it never goes so far as to visualize with accuracy what really goes out captured in the image, but anyhow and in spite of the facility with which truca all kinds of images of bogeys, there exist some cases in which the images received in video or photo are completely true. The belief of the bogeys was born witness from the first Egyptian texts and from here it spread over the rest of the world although with different variants. Before the bogeys images were appearing, one of the theories that was trying to explain this phenomenon, it was that the same one was deriving from a natural tendency to the primitive thought, and it was very common that one was discrediting all those professionals who wanted to go deep into the topic of the paranormal thing. Nevertheless, when the first bogeys images went out to the light, this theory gave in and it begun to be investigated a little more thoroughly. But because the images of bogeys received in photos were successful a few decades behind, most of the photographers began to do a business of that, forging all kinds of images in order to cheat his clients and to sell them to him. Consequently of this precedent, up to today, not only one doubts the existence of the bogeys, but also, the veracity of the only tests that have appeared.

Investigation of the paranormal thing based on bogeys images

images - fantasmas-imagenAs we said previously many experts and investigators of the paranormal phenomena, they have decided to appropriate of many of the images of bogeys taken in different parts of the world, for the purpose of analyzing them and being able to approach to discover a little more which it is the real cause of the appearances of these spirits. In the first moment one believed that it was for the simple one in fact of that the souls were strolling around lost in our plane.

But much later there developed different theories and beliefs that they assure that the bogeys images are an attempt of communication on the part of the deceased, something like order of help so that whom we inhabit in this plane could help them to be spent by us to the dimension that corresponds to them. For this reason, most of the people who achieves to receive different bogeys images, they usually send them to the schools parapsicólogas so that this way it is possible to investigate this fact.

The bogeys images are a fundamental element for the investigation of this one and other paranormal phenomena, since from the same ones some bosses can be established to determine all that is of true in the theories that have developed along the history, anyhow it is important that we bear in mind that, in spite of being provided with many elements in addition to the bogeys images to verify the existence of the same ones, but nevertheless to determine a factor as complex as it it is precisely the existence of the bogeys, it is something that of course needed a lot of time more of study and analysis.

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