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Angels and archangels


Angel Imágen: a strong and expressive symbol

Both in his celestial slope and in the most sinister side of the history, the angel image represents one of the most appealed and effective means to manage to satisfy those expressive needs corresponding to the authors of different epochs and genres.

In fact, if we throw a glance in our library, of course we will find some book, be already this of fiction or not, where the angel image is used to invade many of the domains of the narrative and the poetry. In turn, the angel image has been used in personages even of movies and television shows, and this is due to the fact that the angel image is one of the strongest symbols and one of the images most taken shape of the world. On the other hand, it is very common to see angel images in decorations, as well as also, the drawings of angel they are of most realized between the big artists and drawers.

Other one of the reasons for which the angel images are so appellants in the art is because the same ones represent a very important simbología. Now then, if we speak a little about the iconography of the image of angel, many different ideas exist, for example, in the Catholicism, the angel image is almost always that of a child or, that of an asexual young man; on the other hand, in the middle age, the angel image was not represented in an isolated way, with the alone exception of the work San Miguel archangel, but it was in the renaissance where the angel drawings begun to be realized in an individual way, a practice that spread up to the baroque period. image - angel-gotico

Anyhow we cannot ignore the fact that when the Spanish conquerors imposed to the Catholicism like religion, many of the native inhabitants of America, to find in the angel image an ideal sustito for his gods (it is the case of the Santería), and this is one of the reasons for which the cult to the angel image was becoming more and more popular along the history. Another representation that we can see in the angel drawings is that of an army with luxurious loose clothes, which is always directed by some archangel. Anyhow, although we can find in these angel images different stereotypes based on the beliefs of each one, precisely the angel image depends on how we imagine it, since for many persons, the angel image is simply that of a being of light, without face or human body, simply light.

The popularity of the images of angel

For ages, the angel images were very popular; at present there are used very much the drawings of angel framed and framed like decoration of houses, of schools and even of hospitals, and although this tradition has not got lost, it turns out to be important to stand out the fact that the angel drawings are much used in tattooes. In fact, the angel image is one of the wished ones for many of the persons who usually take this fascination as the corporal tattooes, without the need that this is a declaration of his faith, often they do it simply for an esthetic question or, because they like some angel image especially.

image - angel-cuadrosOn the other hand, the devotion that many people usually have towards the angel image turns out to be very big, and as well we have said, the interest in they has spread much further of the religious differences. We cannot also ignore the fact that the literature has helped very much to that the angel image nowadays is so popular; the enthusiasts of the drawings of angel make sure that these beings not only accompany us in our life but also they do it during the transition of our death.

Now then, the image of angel more popular that we can mention is that of the angel guard or guardian angel since for some it turns out to be a marvel that each of us we have one of these beings taking care of our backs. Finally we do not want to allow mentioning the fact that the angel image has influenced to the art for ages, for it it is very common to find us with that most of the artists in some moment of his careers have used the angel image as an inspiration for his creations; the plastic artists also have used very much the angel image to create different sculptures, which we can appreciate in any exhibition at which we are present.

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