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The Ist ching and tarot, the most consulted oracles

Undoubtedly the i ching and the tarot are two oracles most appealed at present, and this is due to the fact that we are speaking about two oracles whose enormous trajectory and important tradition in some cultures do of them the most believable and most feasible.

There are great the persons who also nowadays dedicate his life to the interpretation of the i ching and tarot, be already for personal taste or for deep interest, but anyone is the case, often there turns out to be incredible the persons' quantity that the secrets of both oracles know. It is important that we bear in mind that none is more difficult to understand that other, since with the correct study, the concentration and the suitable delivery, any of us can turn into an expert of these mancias. But a fundamental detail that we must consider before beginning with the studies is that both, the i ching and the tarot, must be studied by the same respect with which they are used, since as well we said, both divination methods possess a big tradition behind his and for it it is necessary that they are not used like a game, like an entertainment or a diversion.

On the other hand, although the tendency after these oracles consult to taken that believe institutes and schools in which it is possible to learn about both oracles, the person who will manipulate them must have one certain predisposition to the clairvoyance and in case this like that, it is necessary to have a much developed sense of the intuition since we remember that the i-ching and tarot depend both on this; we cannot hope that simply they should give us the answers for that we are looking. i-ching-tarot-ambos

Also it is an important knowledge to interpret each of the signs that the oracles give us, since as well we know, the i ching and tarot simply serve to us as guide to journey the way that takes us to the answers, and precisely as we have commented in some previous article about our place, the answers are inside ours, simply we must look in the depth of our being. On the other hand we cannot allow mentioning the fact that if we are going to use the i-ching and the tarot with ourselves, we must be targets with any type of answer that comes to us; we must not speculate we must try to manipulate the energy so that the oracles say to us what we want to hear, for this reason the fact is that it is needed of a very strict preparation of the broke conscience to avoid these mishaps, since a bad interpretation of the answers can lead us to committing many errors especially if we have a lot of faith in the i ching and tarot.

I-Ching and tarot: Fashion, diversion or tradition?

Since well we have said to the beginning of the article, the i-ching and the tarot are two oracles most consulted in the current society, and it is important that we raise two of the cases in which of suelen to use often: in the first case, many people go out running to buy the book and the coins i ching or a tarot card game with his respective explanatory book with the alone end them of learning to use like entertainment for the others. It has spent to all one day that a person who newly has begun to use the i-ching and the tarot comes to us above with to alone intention of demonstrating his capacity for the divination; this interest rate does that both the i ching and the tarot turn the center of attention in holidays and all kinds of meetings, and this is not completely well, since as well we said, it is necessary to treat both oracles with respect and devotion.

i-ching-tarot-imagenOn the other hand we have the case in which many people appeal fortune tellers and witches to realize consultations of i-ching and tarot simply because they listened round there that both methods are effective, or, someone told them that quite what the oracle said to them it was fulfilled, in fact this is the principal reason for which today we can say that the i ching and the tarot are fashionable and we return at first, where we said that this is not correct.

It is important that the people understand that the oracles are not a divertimento, but rather a resource of spiritual help that can turn out to be very useful to us in situations in which we are not lost in the life and without knowing than to do. Finally we cannot allow mentioning that in many societies, the fact of consulting the i ching and tarot not only is a tradition but also a need. In many tribes and little towns of small regions of east and Asia, they usually appeal these oracles, even when community decisions must be taken, also when to a village it is going badly as for his resources to live, who are the hierarchies of the same ones, they consult to the i-ching and tarot for the purpose of finding some way for the solution. It is in these cases in which we can realize the importance that both oracles possess, and we can say that the same ones, although they should represent a diversion or a tendency for some societies, in the smallest cultures, the i ching and tarot represent his way of developing and of evolving like community.

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