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Sexual horoscope: With whom to form couple?

When we speak about the sexual horoscope, we refer to the compatibility between the man and the woman to form couple. Although it seems incredible, the stars have a very strong influence on the love of two persons, since the same one is based from the compatibility that exists between the zodiacal signs of both parts.

The sexual horoscope analyzes this compatibility, and demonstrates us which are the signs that in couple, would have a wonderful life; it is important that we bear in mind that the personalities of two persons are fundamental at the time of beginning an affectionate relation, especially if it is desirable to form a family with her, and on the other hand, there exist many cases where a person falls in love with other one but it is not corresponded, and precisely this is because according to the sexual horoscope, the compatibility is void. Generally the opposite signs do usually not even approach between themselves, but when they do it, this type of relations never has a good end. Next we offer them a list about the compatibility between the signs of the sexual horoscope.

Aries: Aries usually works very well in couple with piscis where the relation will be very sweet and affectionate since both signs adore all are given the time; with Taurus it is probable that the couple relation is much more sexual than romantic, and for it they are usually very short; in Aries with Aries the relation is very passional, and if this stays like that, they can be together the whole life. With Leo they have his ups and downs, but if they can exceed the obstacle and are understood mutually, do not have because to fail like couple.

horoscope - sexual-imagenTaurus: according to the sexual horoscope, the couples of Taurus with piscis are usually eternal since both signs get on very well; probably I Read it is the love of his life, while with cancer simply they will love very much. Taurus and Aries, are usually much more passional than romantic and with virginity they will share most of his tastes together.

Gemini: the sexual géminis horoscope says to us that the best couples are with Capricorn, since they are much partners and with géminis they can be on good terms, although this is not a guarantee of anything.

Cancer: the sign of Cancer and his sexual horoscope they say to us that the same debit to do couple with Virginity and Aquarius, since the chemistry that exists between them is very good; with Cancer the relation will be a pure romance; with leo there will be established an extremely emotional relation in which none of the two will be able to live without other, and with Pisces, the relation can become very sexual and very short.

I read: I read he feels usually much attracted to signs like Cancer, where they will love each other up to the end of the times; with Taurus, the couple can become very emotional; in Sagittarius, I read there finds the support the companionship and the comprehension for that he looks in the couple. With Aries, the relations are usually memorable since although they last little, they are very intense and affectionate; and with Capricorn they are compatible, but the relations last only a sigh.

Virginity: according to his sexual horoscope, it usually finds very much support and companionship in Pisces, while with Aquarius they have more than one interest together; but the real Virginity love is definitely Sagittarius, where the romance and the passion will be two fundamental elements in the relation.

It frees: they have an excellent future with Scorpio, although also it is very weak when Aries crosses him for enfrente; these two signs possess an attraction power one with really surprising other. With Taurus, the relation can be very sexual, as with capricornio, since they do not last too much together times, and his attraction is entirely a physics. In piscis they can find a big partner.

Scorpio: the scorpion is quite complicated, but his sexual horoscope says that his ideal couples are a pound sterling and I read. The love of his life probably is a Cancer, while Aquarius makes him happy that Scorpio needs. With Gemini, the relations in couple are usually truly short and passing.

horoscope - sexual-parejaSagittarius: it has an incredible compatibility with Virginity, where the relation will be characterized by an intense and real love; with Aries, it is probable that Sagittarius begins a very romantic relation that can turn out to be somewhat monotonous with going on from the time, and in case of Gemini we must say that sagitario it goes away to both ends, or they love each other very much or cannot be supported.

Capricorn: Capricorn and his sexual horoscope says to us that the best couple that they will form in his life is with Cancer, since the companionship and the affection will never be missing; with Pisces it is probable that it has some summer love while with Virginity, any relation that they begin will be very powerful, which can provoke that the same one is destroyed or continues for the whole life.

Aquarius: it is one of the signs that takes more or less well with all the rest, therefore it is difficult to determine the compatibility with other signs in the sexual horoscope, anyhow we can say that with Pound sterling they usually take very well and all the time is accompanied, and with Scorpio it finds his happiness, although it is probable that he suffers infidelities and tricks.

Pisces: it is a very emotional sign. According to his sexual horoscope it can begin relations with Sagittarius, where if all the together lives do not last, insurance will be accompanied for many years; with Leo the relations usually stand out for his romanticism, while with Gemini or capricornio, the relation becomes very sexual. With Taurus, piscis it has many other possibilities of finding his happiness.

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